I slept like a baby last night, and man was it needed. I haven't had a proper nights sleep since getting the campervan, and it felt incredible just to actually sleep through an entire night without waking up to pee, or from sore muscles, or from the cold. Then after waking up around 9 rejeuvanated and refreshed, we all sat under the blankets reading, eating cereal and just staying dry while it poured outside. Then around 11, the rain finally started to tinker out so we got up, loaded our bikes back into the van, and hit the road. Today was spent much like yesterday. I napped some more, FINISHED MY BOOK WHICH WAS JUST HEARTWRENCHING and backed up all my photos, music, movies and docs onto my hard drive. That last one made me feel really responsible and secure ehe, now if anything happens to my laptop, I'll at least know all my photos are still safe and sound. And now after another full day of driving we are back in CHRISTCHURCH, parked in a lot making rice as per usual. And man I am HUNGRY. I wasn't really too hungry for lunch after my big weetbix breaky so I just snacked on apples and raisins, but now I AM PROPER HUNGRY FOR DINNER, OH MAN. 

So after our usual rice, curry, hummus and cereal for dinner we drove to my friend Melisa's house to stay the night. We stayed in the empty lot beside her place the last time we were in Christchurch and she was kind enough to let us stay as long as we wanted this time! She is such a kind soul, and now that we're in Christchurch for another week I cant wait to hang with her heaps and get to know her even better!

So todays cereal dessert was extra tasty so I thought I'd share a photo. It was tons of crushed weetbix, with coco pops, berry cluster granola, soy milk, a sliced banana, orange marmalade, and some peanut butter mixed in. I had two large bowls... Im stuffed. BUT SO DANG TASTY!