Today was a pretty chill day. We woke up around 9 and went cycling for the first time in what feels like ages. We just did a short ride just to loosen up our legs. Then after getting a shower in a public pool, we went to a library to charge up our devices and use their wifi. I called my beautiful friend lily, posted some photos on FACEYYY, and.... BOOKED MY FLIGHTS TO MELBOURNE. its official, I'm spending Christmas in Melbourne... WOOT WOOT. Man it was so awesome talking to Lily, she is seriously one of my best friends and most loving people I've ever met, and man everytime I talk to her I just get so happy. 

Then when we finally left the library, got in the campervan and tried to start the car, we realized that Biggi had forgotten to turn the headlights off and so the car was out of battery and wouldn't start... OOPS ahah. But thankfully, a kind soul drove his 4 by 4 over by ours and helped us jump start our car. Then we headed to Countdown to get some groceries for our dinner.

We've been staying outside Melisa's house, so tonight me and Melisa decided we should have a dinner cook up together.

We got some bread, hummus, and tubs and tubs of vegan ice cream for dessert and brought it over to Melisa's place, where we cooked up rice, pasta salad, potato chips, and a sweet chilli veggie stir fry... SO FUCKING TASTY. We ended up bringing their dinner table outside and eating in the crisp summer evening air.

And Melisa's friend Josh joined us as well, he isn't vegan but after joining us for our meal, he agreed he'd definitely give it a go! But man, dinner tonight was just spectacular, I love Griff and Biggi, but it was so nice to eat with other people as well, plus the food was just epic. Even though I love our curry and rice dinners, this was just such a special treat. But man, the conversations we had were just so hilarious, I was just laughing non stop, and so full of happiness and cheer. Then for dessert, man oh man I had 3 huge bowls of vanilla, choc and hokey pokey ice cream, with coconut nectar, frozen mangoes and buckwheat. Fucking epic.

Then just to top off this already incredible evening, my wonderful friend Cam called me while we were eating dessert, and I put him on speaker and we just chatted with him about everything. We discussed our cereal obsessions, our plans and adventures, and I told him he needed to message me more and call me more often. All in all it was a phone call filled with laughter and cheer. A phone call that made me so jazzed up and excited for life. And a phone call that made me appreciate his friendship so much.

Ah man, I just love all the friends that I've made on my travels. So many beautiful BEEEEAUTIFUL people in my life, I am just so overwhelmed and filled with unconditional unapologetic love. 

Man everyday lately has just been so fucking phenomonal. I feel like I'm just living the hell out of my life, and I'm just loving it. That doesn't mean that everyday I'm doing something crazy, it just means that everyday I'm living presently and filled with gratitude. Today we really didn't do all that much, but man was it filled with so much simple happiness and genuine love.