LIFE IS SWEET LIKE A SWEET POTATO. I thought of that saying today while lying in the sun and I'm quite proud of it, it's gonna be my new thang. ahah. So today was wonderful as can be.

Went for a 2 hour ride in the morning, and I have to say when I woke up I didn't really feel like leaving my bed at all, but as soon as I was out in the fresh air, I was loving life. After our ride, we went to the park and had a friendly competition to see who could hold plank the longest... and guess what? I WON, ahah I surprised myself actually by holding it for 10 minutes.

But by the last two minutes my muscles were so fatigued that my body was just shaking, but it was fun to show myself how long I could actually hold it. Then we spent another 30 minutes just stretching and lying in the sun. I think I turned like 3 shades darker just from those 30 minutes... the NZ sun is FIERCE! Then after grabbing a shower, we headed to the library again where I edited a youtube video, and called my mom for an hour. It was so wonderful to chat with her and my brothers, man this time of year is making me really miss being around my family, but that's why its so great that I'm travelling with Griff and Biggi, we've gotten so close after spending everyday together for over a month and now being with them feels like being with family. Then after the library, we came back to wait for Melisa to finish work, then all 4 of us biked to the vegan dinner meetup that Melisa organized with her university's veg club! The meetup was at Welcome, which is the most epic Chinese vegetarian restaurant. I got heaps of rice, and these curry noodles with "beef" and man it was tasty as. But holy shit, the turn out was epic, there were probably about 20 people that showed up and it was just a party. I met so many rad cool people, and I am just continually impressed by how active the vegan community in Christchurch is. It's flipping phenomonal! There was one guy that I met called Asher, who was raised vegan, and he was just such a kind kind soul. And after chatting for a bit, we realized that the university he was going on exchange to next year was the university that I went to back home! So I'm going to have to tell him all the cool hikes, restaurants, and spots to visit in Vancouver. Plus, he works at the indoor climbing gym here so we've decided that he's gonna take us climbing tomorrow since its raining! WOOT I can't wait. And now we're back in Melisa's kitchen, and even though we feasted at dinner time, we just came back and had cereal for dessert. I had 3 heaping bowls full of weetbix, granola, tahini, coconut nectar, peanut butter, banana, strawberry and oat milk. #fatgains YUM YUM. I literally stopped using the spoon to put tahini on, I just started tipping the jar and just pouring it in, I just cant seem to ever have enough tahini, I finished about half the jar just tonight from dinner. Oops, there goes 4 dollars.