Today was such a unique day, of things we dont normally do. So we started the day real slow, I ate cereal, wrote a few pieces, and more or less had a chill morning. But that was the only relaxed part of the day, after that our day just got crazy hectic in the best way possible. So us 3 and Melisa made plans with Asher yesterday to go climbing since he works at the climbing gym, and he managed to get us all in for free, and we had the whole area to ourselves. And man this gym was so fun, it obviously had a few walls of cool climbs, but it also had this giant slide thing that was 8metres high, as well as this "leap of faith," which was just a platform that you jumped off of to catch this swinging bar. I felt like I was in the circus.

Then after an hour of climbing, we went to Asher's house to hang out and make food. We made the most incredible vegan pizzas with sausages and cheeze sauce. Then me and Asher also made a caramel cinnamon roll from his mom's recipe book which was so deceivingly simple and oh so sinfully tasty. And while our food was cooking, we went to the park and just played in the playgound. I felt like a kid again, and man was it fun. Then we came back, devoured our pizza with bbq sauce, and decided to make banana ice cream to go with our cinnamon buns.

We ate our insane lick you fingers good, cinnamon buns while watching The Iron Giant, which is Asher's favorite movie, which I'd never seen before so we decided we had to watch it. It was such a beautiful film with such a great message I loved it. Then after our movie, we went to the ice rink and went skating! I haven't been skating in ages, it's one of those things that I used to love to do, but just stopped making time for when I realized I was never going to be the best at it, or have it amount to anything. Which is such a shame, it's so sad how we always overthink things, it's not just a matter of oh I like doing that so I'll do it, now it's a matter of whats the most productive use of my time, blah blah blah. But I wanna get away from that and just start doing things that make me happy. 

Anyways... a bit of a tangent there. So this skating rink was so rad. There was tons of funky music, spotlights, and heaps of contests for prizes. We ended up winning a free candy floss, hot chocolate and popcorn! But the popcorn couldnt be made vegan so I gave it to a little boy that I met named Ashton. Man it was just such a fun night of skating with friends, chatting about what we want from life, and just doing something that I havent done in ages.

Then after skating, I was still a tad hungry, so we came back and had some oats with bananas, syrup and heaps of tahini. Then I had more dates and bananas because I swear I'm just a bottomless pit tonight...

But YEAA so that was my day, such a fun filled day. Full of laughter, full of wonderful people, and full of delicious food. What more could you want.