So today I woke up just so incredibly tired. I think this past month of just adventuring and moving around constantly has worn me down. Even if we just spend the day doing "nothing" we're still driving, or finding a place to sleep, shower, do laundry etc, so we never really just get to have a break entirely. And as exciting as it has been it's just been slowly chipping away at me, as well as the lack of a good nights sleep in the camper van. All in all, it's resulted in a very tired Steph, ahaha. So all I did today was nap, eat, go to the grocery store to buy cereal, go to a healthfood store to buy the essentials: caramel chocolate, charge my laptop, did laundry, and just chilled the fuck out. Then we made dinner with Melisa again. We made like a shit ton of rice, soy sauce veggie stirfry with mushrooms, broccoli, chickpeas, peas, and carrots. Then we also ate it with some of Melisa's pasta salad and homemade hummus.

But the best part was dessert. I had like half a litre of chocolate soy ice cream, with these Weetbix vanilla bites, like half a bar of caramel chocolate from Loving Earth, a peach sorbet popsicle, and 2 slices of toast with jam... and I'm still hungry... I think I'm just a bottomless pit these days.

I ate so much chocolate though I'm worried I wont be able to sleep... plus I'm going sky diving tomorrow so I'm starting to feel a little nervous which deffs wont help my sleep EEEEK. But man I am so pumped for tomorrow!