Yesterday night we decided to meet up with Jayden for a short little ride up the hills at 9:30 in the morning... We woke up at 8:55. Well correction I woke up at 8:55. And usually I would have stayed in bed till like 9:30, but because we were meeting Jayden, I jumped out of bed, and had brushed my teeth, eaten, and changed by 9:10. Then we headed out to meet Jayden for our little ride up the hills. It was a nice short effort, but it was freezing. It was overcast and cold, and when we were descending my fingers were so frozen I could barely brake. Anyways after our ride, we did some plank, and some stretches. I also did some headstands and cartwheels which I havent done in AGES. Then we got showers, and headed to the library. There I answered emails for the first time in ages, and also edited 3 youtube videos woot! Then we went to the grocery store to buy more cereal and soy milk, came back to Melisa's place to make dinner. By the time she came home from work, we had finished our penang curry, and made the rice and rice noodles which we ate with heaps of kumara and beet root hummus.

Then I smashed down 4 bowls of weetbix and nutrigrain cereal, and eventually took a spoon to the tahini jar and just ate the tahini straight out of the jar. Safe to say I'm stuffed, but I'm going to need the energy for our ride tomorrow. We're planning on doing a 150 km ride tomorrow and I think I'm going to die. AH.