So we were supposed to go skydiving today at 12! And the airport was an hour away and we had to get there early, so after another sleep in, we ate cereal then hit the road. But when we got to the Skydiving place, they told us that the plane had been having some technical difficulties and because of that had to be flown to the engineer for repairs, so we ended up waiting at the place for almost 4 hours. During that time, we left to the grocery store, ate lunch, and went to some bike shops to pick up some bike boxes for our impending flights. But that entire time, the tension was just mounting, and I have to admit I was getting a tad impatient. I just wanted to go SKYDIVING AH. But when we finally did get back for our flight, I was excited as hell. Griff went first went someone from China who was actually filming a proposal video while skydiving. Then after they finished, me and biggi got into the plane and TOOK OFF. So the instructor who was jumping with me was called Lee and he was super cool and enthusiastic. We chatted for a bit about how he'd been to Vancouver, and our travels, but soon enough I just started staring out of the plane at the passing scenery. It was truly the perfect day for sky diving. Little wind, sunny, and clear skies. I was jumping first, so we were sitting by the plane, and by the time we got to 9000 feet, Lee made sure we were tightly harnessed together, and that my goggles were on. Then he opened the door, I swung my feet outside of the plane, then out we jumped.

The first 4 seconds of the jump was probably the funnest. Initially, we fell so that our back was falling towards the ground and we were looking up at the sky, then we arched our backs, looked up, and flipped 180 degrees so we were now falling with our stomach to the ground, then he tapped my shoulder and I flung my arms out like a bird. And MAN it was the biggest rush, and just WAY TOO FUN. I was free falling for about 30 seconds, and that entire time, the wind was just tearing at me, making my skin feel taught, eyes water through the goggles, and my mouth was plastered into a grin from the force of the wind. And the entire time, we were just falling, at a frightening yet exhilarating speed towards the ground. Then Lee pulled the parachute, and we started just gliding down towards the ground. The fall after the chute opened was so much fun, just in a less exhilarating way.

Lee did a bunch of fun spin maneuvers where we went upside down and in spirals, and by the time he signalled me to prep for landing, I felt like we had just jumped out of the plane. I couldn't believe it was over already. After we landed Biggi landed like 5 seconds later. I looked over at him, and we both just had huge grins on our faces, and after an adrenaline filled congratulatory hug, we walked back to the landing where Griff was waiting for us.

Then we waited about 20 minutes for them to finish editing the video of our sky diving experience, and as soon as that was done, we ran out of there and hit the road to try to make the potluck in time. Our friend Loren was organizing a vegan potluck at her house for our return to Christchurch and we did not want to be too late. First just because, well we didn't want to be rude or miss the fun, but secondly because we didn't want to be late and miss out on all the yummy food. We ended up being just over 30 minutes late. And when we got there they were still waiting and hadn't started eating yet which was the best surprise to arrive to! By now most of these people are familiar faces to me, and it was so lovely to feel a semblance of home, and to be surrounded by friends rather than strangers. I talked to the host of the potluck Loren heaps at dinner, and I can say that she is one of the most positive inspiring lovely people I've met yet. And after feasting on pulled "pork" buns, Lorens insane pad thai, homemade gnocchi, bread, hummus, so many potatoes, avocado salad, and like half a tub of sour cream with corn chips, and maybe just a few (5) chocolate peanut butter cookies, I was finally satisfied.

We then sat in her home around the christmas tree sipping tea, chatting, watching youtube videos, laughing, and trading stories. It was a perfectly humble beautiful way to spend the night.