I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHRISTCHURCH. I remember before we came here, that tons of people told us there was nothing in Christchurch, that we'd hate it, but man oh man do we just love it here. I personally love it for many reasons, but mainly for the beautiful warm weather, the stunning mountains for biking and hiking, the magical camp ground we're staying at (full of willow trees, and forests), and the city itself is the perfect size: just big enough that there are heaps of delicious vegetarian restaurants, but small enough that there are no high-rises in sight. Man it's like the perfect place for me and my lifestyle. In love. So this morning, I slept in until 8, then we got ready to go on an 80 km ride through the STUNNING mountain ranges.

It was one of the harder rides I've done in awhile. There were two steep ass climbs that forced me to really push myself to my limit, but man it felt good to sweat. Then after we got back, took a shower, washed our kits, and rested up, we decided to just drive into the city to get groceries, and eat dinner. We went to the TASTIEST vegetarian chinese restaurant and got this mouthwatering potato, cabbage curry, a satay stir fried noodle dish, as well as a black bean sauce veggie dish with "meat balls" DROOLWORTHY. And after dinner, we came back, and sat outside in the park. I wrote some blog posts while the boys pissed about climbing trees, and playing on the playground. ahah. And now I'm going to read my book for another half an hour before bed. :D