So today was one of the most exhausting epic days of my life. We rode 175 kms with 2400 m of elevation in 8 hours and it was hectic. It was my longest and hardest ride. EVER. So last night, I ended up sleeping a grand total of ZERO hours. I dont know what it was but I just could not get to bed last night, and it was so frustrating knowing that of course I have a sleepless night, the night before our crazy long ride. So when we got out of bed at 6, I really was unsure about going on this ride. I was just exhausted, and this ride was going to be tough as fuck, and to be honest I was a little scared, but the guys managed to instill some faith in me, and so around 6:30 after pumping up our tires, having some cereal, and packing our dates, raisins, and bananas for our ride, we hit the road to meet Jayden. We met him at the foot of the hills at 7, and when he got there we started our ride and long day on the bike. So our route started right off the bat with a 5 km climb, then a crazy fun descent, then a long stretch of flat along the highway, then there was about a 30 minute climb, followed by over an hour of rolling hills. So just by the way, my nickname on the bike is the silent ninja, ninja because my bike and kit are all black, and silent because when I'm biking and really concentrating I am literally silent, I dont say a word. The guys are all conversational and joking around trying to joke around and chat, and man I am just stone silent. lol, I always feel bad for the person riding with me because I'm the least interesting person to ride with, but it's just like my thing. I just like to conserve my breath and energy ahah.


Also, one thing that has changed with my riding is my love for descending. I used to HATE it since it scared the hell out of me, but now I love descending, it's just so fun to feel like you're flying down a hill, and to have the wind just ripping at you, man does it make you feel alive. But I may or may not have gone a little overboard with it on one of our descents. So these descents are all new to me, so I really should have been taking it super slow, and there was one particular one that was crazy steep, gravelly, and full of super steep turns. But the stubborn nature in me just made me want to keep up with Biggi and Griff who were GUNNING it down the hill, and I didn't just have one close call but THREE. The first two times, I was going way too fast and went into the lane of oncoming traffic, and the third time I basically almost fell off the side of the road. After that, I finally realized what an idiot I was being and slowed the fuck down. So after about 4 hours we arrived at Akoroa. We found a cafe where I ate about 1/2 a kilo of dates, and watched the boys drink a super chocolatey sweet mocha with the creamiest soy foam. I tried to stay away from it just because I know caffeine doesnt really sit well with me, but man I tried a sip of Griffs and it was so tasty, so after watching them drink it I finally caved in and got my own. Man it was the first coffee I've had in ages, and holy shit it was so amazing. It warmed me to my soul and soon enough I felt this warmth blossom from my chest.

I'm not sure if it was the placebo, or if it was the sugar in all the chocolate, the crap ton of dates I ate, our 30 minute break, or if it WAS actually the caffeine, but all I know is when we did finally head back out onto the bike, I felt fucking amazing. Like I was just buzzing and felt so fresh, I was climbing up the hills basically at a Time Trial pace. I was just so confused by why I felt so good, and how I was biking so quickly. After about the 6th hour, we were back on the highway and on the last 30 kms of our ride. At that point we were all drafting, I was just sticking behind Biggi and Griffs wheel, not thinking about anything besides just, keep pedalling and stay on their wheel. I was still feeling super energized and relatively strong. By the 7th hour I was starting to feel weary, and we took quite a few breaks to eat raisins and Sour Patch kids! Then when we were just under 10 km from the city, I all of a sudden just BONKED. It's so crazy, one minute I was feeling strong and great, just staying behind the boys sticking to their wheel, biking at almost 30 kph in the 7th hour, then two seconds later, I felt dizzy, faint, SO drained, and I could barely keep my eyes open or keep my handle bars in a straight line. So I shouted to the guys, and we pulled over. Biggi told me later that at the time, my face was white and I was just shaking. My heart felt so faint and I thought I'd just topple over, I had just hit a wall and had NOTHING left in me. So I quickly ate a huge handful of raisins, and inhaled a gel that Jayden gave me. After that I was feeling SO much better, my relief that I could actually keep my eyes open was just overwhelming. I felt in control of my body once again, so we kept trucking along. By the time we got back to our campervan, we were at 168 kms, but I really wanted to get to 175 kms, so we just biked around the city on the flats until we got there. By the time we finished, I was utterly exhausted, like the delirium thatI felt was immense and my bones just felt weary... but man what a FUCKING EPIC DAY. Sometimes I dont know why I do this shit to myself willingly. Maybe it's my warped love for putting myself through pain, but mostly I just love the feeling of sweat dripping down my face, the wind in my hair, flying down mountains, my heart jumping out of my chest, my legs aching, my arms shaking, and just pushing myself to my limit. It's seriously the best most fulfilling feeling. Then we came home, exchanged some congratulatory sweaty delirious hugs, and I just stumbled into a shower to wash all the sweat, grime, and stink from me. I stayed under the steaming hot water for ages, and when I came out I felt refreshed and clean. Then we drove to Jayden and Lorens house, where we feasted on takeaway dominoes pizzas. We ordered 15 pizzas total, and I smashed down 3 and a 1/2 large pizzas LOL.

Then I was still hungry somehow... so I had 4 chocolate cookies and a huge bowl of weetbix. We ate our pizzas on the floor of their living room while just talking about everything and anything. I got to hear about Loren and Jayden's upbringing and family life, and man they are truly incredible people. Then while we were talking about Thailand, I was cocooned in a blanket, lying on Biggi's arm, and before I knew it I had fallen asleep.

Man I was just exhausted, I can't beleive I was worried that the mocha would keep me from sleeping lol. And now it's 11pm, and I'm ready to pass the FUCK out! Good night world.