Today was my last day in New Zealand, and man am I sad to leave. So we woke up this morning around 7, and after getting some loose ends sorted, packing our bikes and bike boxes into the camper van, we headed off to the campsite that the guys are staying at tonight. I left today, but the guys already had their tickets booked for tomorrow so they decided to stay at a place right beside the airport. So after we got to the campsite, they left me in the cabin to pack and edit my videos while they drove to Happy Campers to return our campervan. Man it was so much fun living in that van, and I'm so sad to see it go, but it'll be a nice change to sleep in a proper bed for a change. After they got back, we rode to Countdown which was just like a 3 km ride from our place, and we bought (surprise surprise) cereal and soy milk. I also bought a whole loaf of cranberry walnut sourdough, a tub of kumara hummus, and some ice berg lettuce for my dinner at the airport tonight! My flight was at 7:50 so I had to get there around 5:50, and there was no way in heck that I was gonna pay for an overpriced salad once at the airport, so I decided to be prepared and bring my own goodies. Then after our countdown trip, the rest of our day was the definition of chill. I napped in the sun, edited a little, talked to the guys, made a daisy chain, sat under the shade of a willow tree, and just enjoyed spending the day with them.

Then around 2 we started getting my bike ready for flight. First we taped up the bike box, then we cleaned my bike, took off the front wheel, unscrewed the pedals, removed my seat post, and secured my bike in the bike box making sure the derailleur wasn't going to be knocked or damaged in transport. Then I put my cycling shoes, pump, and spare tubes in the box and taped it all up. But we realized after that my bike box was actually quite heavy, probably around 13-15 kilos, and I only had 23 kilos of checked luggage. So the next hour was spent packing my big hiking backpack with only light objects, and sifting out all the objects that were compact and heavy. I pawned all my heavy small objects off to the guys to bring over to Melbourne for me since they each had 46 kilos of checked luggage. So after giving Griff and Biggi the majority of my clothes, my mini tripod, and all my electronics chargers, I felt confident that my bag was under 10 kilos. So then for the rest of the hour we chatted with a German guy staying at our campsite, I got my airport transportation sorted, and we just hung around together discussing possible future travel plans. I remember while I was waiting to go to the airport, I felt this immense wave of emotion for these two guys. I was only going to be parted from them for one night, since they're meeting me in Melbourne tomorrow, but after spending over a month together all day everyday, even that seemed like ages, ahahha. I was feeling major seperation anxiety LOL. But in all seriousness, it just really made me appreciate and treasure the friendship that we've built, and I truly have so much love for them, they basically feel like family to me. Anyways, so when it was time to leave, I hugged them good bye, and headed off to the airport. My baggage came to 23.4 kilos in total... so basically I cut it REAL close ahah. And after waiting in more lines than I care to mention, getting swabbed for explosives, passing security, and buying a vegan chocolate bar. I sat down to eat my dinner, and use the airports free wifi, where I snap chatted my friends incessantly, and messaged Biggi and Griff because after just a few hours, I missed them already haha.

Then I boarded my flight, watched Song of the Sea, ate two chocolate bars, and sat through a long flight of being extremely dehydrated and exhausted. And after landing at 10 Melbourne time, finally getting to my family friends place around 11:30, I just passed out at midnight and didn't wake up until a full 12 hours later.