Last night, me and Biggi stayed up talking late into the night, and we didn't end up sleeping until way past midnight, which is definitley not what I my body needed, but it was such a wonderful bonding session ahah, I mean at the end of the day, it's not the nights where you go to bed at 10 and wake up early that are memorable, but the nights that you do stay up talking about life till 2 that you treasure and remember. But despite saying that, I woke up this morning feeling like a zombie, and I had no idea but the guys had let me sleep in and they had woken up earlier and put our bikes together for our morning ride. So after some cereal, we biked to our friend Margaux's house where she took us for a 3 hour bike ride along the beach road. It was so nice to be reunited with Margaux! I met her in Thailand at the fruit festival, and it was amazing to see her again and just to chat and catch up with her, she's such a lovely lovely human! So by the time we got back, showered, put on the laundry, and got changed it was around 1, so we quickly headed out to the train station, to catch the train into the city so they could try all the delicious vegan junk Melbourne has to offer. Last time I was here, I just ate my way around the city and I was so excited to show the guys all my fav places. First stop was Lord of The Fries. Lord of the Fries is like the ultimate stop for junky vegan food, and the best part is, most people that go there have NO idea that all the burgers and meat are actually all vegetarian! While waiting for our orders we actually heard a few people learn for the first time that the patty they were eating was soy based not cow or chicken! How amazing is that? the food is just so flipping tasty that people have no idea! ahha anyways, we got a "chicken" burger then a "bacon beef" burger, as well as poutine, and the boys just LOVED it.

Then I ran some errands, saw a friend, then met back up with the guys on Brunswick street (aka vegan food heaven). We went to N2 extreme gelato, merry cupcakes, then also hit up the cruelty free vegan shop. I love just looking around that store and seeing all the insane goodies that are vegan. Griff got some vegan jellies which were just INSANELY tasty! Then we just roamed around Brunswick street some more, and eventually found ourselves in a second hand shop where we looked around at all the oddities in their for ages. There was also a piano there and I played for a bit and listened to Griff play. I also managed to find a few little odd funny trinkets to get the guys for Christmas in secret without them knowing hehe. Then we went to Vegie Bar early to grab a table while we waited for Margaux to meet us, but while waiting I decided to pop back into the Cruelty Free Shop to buy some cookies, and while I was there, two people actually recognized me from my Youtube channel which was such a lovley surprise. One girl, actually said she was meeting friends for dinner at Vegie Bar as well, so we walked back together, and when her friends arrived I realized I recognized one of the girls from instagram and had chatted to her before! so we just all joined into one big table. Then came the task of ordering... and man it was a tough decision, I wanted EVERYTHING. But I settled on a pizza with roast pumpkin and pesto, vegan nachos & Vermicelli noodles.

Then I shared the largest richest chocolate cake with warm icing and dried coconut with Margaux and just died it was so tasty. I inhaled that cake and I swear I could have eaten three on my own. And just as we were about to leave we ran into Josh who we met in Christchurch! He is best friends with our friend Melisa's boyfriend, and he's also dating Sam a girl that I met the last time I was in Melbourne at Combi! Such a cool coincidence, so we went over to their table and chatted with them a bit, added them on snapchat, and decided that we should meet up before we leave! Then I realized it was getting late and that my eyes were closing and I was falling asleep, so we quickly said goodbye, and Margaux drove us to a supermarket so we could buy some groceries and some dessert to bring to our vegan Christmas Eve party tomorrow!

We got cereal, soy milk, dried fruit, and like 6 tubs of vegan ice cream, and now I'm sitting in our kitchen, while Biggi shaves his legs (he finally gave into the peer pressure and joined all the other male cyclists), and Griff plans their ride tomorrow. I dont think I'll join them, I'm so exhausted I think I'm just going to sleep in. Hopefully I get to bed before 2 am tonight! ahah.