So today I woke up to a beautiful summers day in Melbourne. It's still surreal to me that I'm in Australia for Christmas, and that it's 31 degrees. I cant quite get used to the fact that I'm not home with my family in the rain ahah. So I woke up around 7, and after a slow morning, we headed out for a nice easy Christmas day ride along the beach. The way out was beautiful, and we had a strong tail wind which meant we were flying and barely putting down any power. But after we decided to turn back, we obviously now had a fierce headwind, and I was struggling to keep up. But little did we know, Biggi was struggling even more because his rear derailleur basically bent during the ride. There was a tiny 50m hill that the boys sprinted up, and during it, because he already had one bolt loose, I guess the pressure he was putting down just evnetually wore on the derailleur and now it's bent completely. It's so far out now that everytime he peddles the derailleur rubs and makes it basically impossible for him to peddle properly. So for about 10 minutes, Angelo and Griff had to push biggi while he just sat perched on his bike not peddling at all. But then we saw were outside a train station, so instead me Biggi and Griff just hopped onto the plane back to our place, while the rest of them rode back where they picked up our bags, and drove back to our place. Then the boys went to Loving Hut, or as they like to call it "Loving Gut" for a Christmas lunch, and brought back some sweet and sour "pork" dishes as take our for our dinner tonight eheh. Then when they got back, it was just so warm and they were craving something sweet, but of course the only thing open on Christmas day was .... Mcdonalds... ahaha. So all of us went there and the boys got frozen cokes, lol. Then because it was air conditioned and pleasant inside, we spent an hour there just talking and reminiscing on stories from our adventures. And after our peculiar afternoon we came back, put on some rice, and just had a cozy chill rest of the day with Griff and Biggi (aka my family and home away from home). We watched Star Wars and had the sweet and sour "chicken" with HEAPS of rice, then I had 3 bowls of weetbix and nutrigrain with frozen mango chunks, rice, and mango passionfruit dessert sauce for dessert!

And to end our Christmas day, I gave Griff and Biggi the little gifts I got and the Christmas cards that I all made in secret. I was pretty proud of myself for being able to keep it from them ehhe. I got Griff some alpro soy milk because he's always raving about how much better it is and how he can't find it anywhere in Australia. And I got Biggi a bar of Dark chocolate since he's an absolute chocolate fiend. Then I got both of them a vegan gingerbread man that I found at the cruelty free shop! And lastly I got them each a funky little pin from the thrift shop. One was a bottle cap with a heart on it, and the other had a smiley face that said "smile for life." They were both super surprised and stoked, and it made me so happy to see them love the gifts and appreciate them! And now it's just past 10:30 and I'm off to bed. This is the earliest I've gone to bed in two months and it is definitely needed. I'm starting to just feel so exhausted everyday now... eek sleep and rest are definitely going to be my priority this next week. Going to just sit on my ass and eat all day tomorrow.