So as I mentioned yesterday, today was my "do nothing but eat and sit on my ass day." And it was true to form. Slept in until a blessedly late hour of 10 am. Then we just layed around chatting and eating the gingerbread I got them yesterday. Then around 11:45 our friend Margaux came and picked us up. She dropped me off at Green Remedy where I was meeting a few friends for a brunch/lunch date! I went to a place in Elsternwick called the Artsy Dodger where I got smashed avo on toast with beetroot hummus and an acai bowl! I saw some family friends as well as my friend Sophie who I stayed with on the Gold Coast. Then I made my way back to Margaux's place where all the boys were already chilling. We just chilled at her place all arvo, watched Django Unchained, then made an epic dinner of baked pasta, veggie stir fry, rice, and bread.

Then for dessert I had at least a pint of soy ice cream and this insane pineapple coconut lime sorbet. I ate the So Good vanilla ice cream with heaps of nutrigrain and cocoa puffs which sounds kind of strange, but just try it, I promise you'll love it as much as me. Then we took an Uber home, and our Uber driver was this extremely kind and enthusiastic person from Pakistan. He was an avid fan of politics and we had an intriguing conversation about Canadian politics and American politics. He was also talking about how beautiful Pakistan was, and the culture there. All in all a super interesting unique conversation!