So today was another lazy day, and it was flipping amazing. Me and Biggi went for a really relaxing walk in nature with our friend Marcus in the dandenong ranges. Then afterwards we just sat in the grass eating mangoes and bananas. Then Biggi and I literally spent the rest of the day just napping, packing our bikes and bags, eating cereal, chatting in bed, and just being complete lazy bums. But it was definitely the rest that I needed after our hectic month in New Zealand. Then around 4 we went to the shops to get some broccoli for dinner, and on the way we found an asian grocer where I finally found... SRIRACHA!

I haven't had sriracha in AGES and it was so good to be reunited with my fav condiment ever. So then we came back made rice and broccoli, and had it with sweet soy sauce and sriracha!


Then i had about 3 bowls of nutrigrains and weetbix for dessert as I do every night. We ate dinner while watching Guardians of the Galaxy, one of my all time fav movies. I just love all the dialogue in it, makes me laugh my ass off ahah. And man, how beautiful is Groot, he just makes my heart melt. Then we got our taxi organized for tomorrow, finalized our packing, and ate some chocolate. But right before bed, we all decided to do some B12 shots, and man it was scary as fuck! It was way scarier than skydiving for me, and I defintiely did not do it right.

I like jammed it into my leg way too hard, then tensed up my muscle which you should NOT do! ahah, and I let go of the needle after I jammed it in so Griff had to actually push down the syringe to get the fluid into my muscle. But at least I didn't faint like Griff did when he did his first B12 shot in Chiang Mai, lol. And now I'm off to bed. We have to be up at 4 am tomorrow to catch our 5:40 am flight to Adelaide!