Today was just one of those days, where in a funny way, nothing goes right. So we were up at 4am today, and after snoozing a couple of times, we got out of bed and got all our bags together and packed. Then we brought our bike boxes and bags outside to wait for our maxi cab. At 4:50, our cab came and by 5:40 we were at the airport. But on the way, just during our conversations, we realized that we had come two hours early for a domestic flight, ahaha, we are such idiots. We could have slept for another good hour at the very least, oh well. So after checking our bags in, we had heaps of time so I edited some videos, read, and napped. Then about twenty minutes before our flight, we decided to walk over to the gate, but while walking there we casually decided to take a look at the flight screen, and we saw that our flight status was "final boarding call." So we just started booking it, we were once again, idiots and looked at our take off time, not our boarding time. So even though we were 2 hours early, we basically almost missed our flights... lol. Then on the flight I read and napped, and we landed in Adelaide safe and sound. Then after we got the maxi cab and started driving to our Air Bnb, me and Biggi just kept remarking about how ridiculously quiet it was, it was honestly kind of freaky. We were practically in the city center on a monday morning, and it was like a ghost town. We thought that maybe adelaide was just a small town quaint kind of place, and actually talked about how it was nice and peaceful. Then we got to our Air Bnb place which is basically like a tiny house. It's just a self contained unit with a kitchen, bathroom, and two lofts that contain three beds, and I flipping love it. I could totally see myself living in a place like this in the future.

Anyways, after putting our bikes together we immediately set off to try to find a bike shop to fix Biggi's small ring. He needed to get the entire crank set replaced, since right now it was hard for him to pedal without the derailleur rubbing. So keep in mind, at this point we hadn't even eaten breakfast, but since there was a bike shop just 1.4 kms away we thought we'd just jaunt into the shop, get it fixed, then go to Coles and get some groceries. So we rode over to the shop, only to find that it was closed, and at this point it was like 10, so we were super confused as to why it would be closed at 10 on a monday. But regardless, we didn't dwell on it, and quickly found another shop about 3 kms away, but unfortunatley that was closed to. By this point we were getting slightly irritated, so we just decided to ride into the city center thinking that they would definitely have a shop that was open. We went to two more after that, both closed. By that time we were truly just flabbergasted and utterly confused... WHY WAS EVERYTHING CLOSED ON A MONDAY? Then Griff remembered something about us landing on a public holiday for SA. And after a quick google search we realized that today, December 28th was Proclamation Day, lol no flipping wonder everything was closed, and no wonder driving in from the airport, me and Biggi thought the city reminded us of a scene out of The Walking Dead. Finally we found one that said they'd open at 11. So we left to try to find a place to eat in the mean time. But of course being a public holidays, the cafes were all mostly closed, so we tried to find a grocery store instead. We went to both a Woolworths and Coles but they were both closed. So instead we found a crazy expensive juice bar, and just as Griff paid for his 12 dollar sub par peach smoothie, I asked if any of the grocery stores around here would be open, and the lady pointed behind us at the Woolworths that we just went to and said: it's opening up now. Little did we know, Woolworths and coles were both open, they were just opening later at 11 because of the holiday. So me and Biggi didn't get a smoothie of course, but poor Griff had already paid and was stuck with a tiny sour smoothie he didn't want. So after going to the shops and buying bread, juice, date rolls, and mangoes, our moods improved, and we returned to the bike shop that was supposed to be opening at 11. But once there they told us they didn't have the size and model of the crank set that Biggi needed. So we hit the road again for another bike shop. After some searching we finally found another shop that was open, and it DID have the part Biggi needed, but after buying it and coming home, we realized we had no way of taking his chain ring off as we didn't have the proper tool. So we messaged some friends in Adelaide to see if they might have the tool we needed, and while waiting for their replies, we all took a nap as we were EXHAUSTED from our early morning. After a few hours of napping, the guys decided they were tired of waiting for a reply and decided just to go to the shop to buy the tool. So after they rode there and came back, they got to taking apart Biggi's chain ring and trying to install the new one in. It was only then that they realized even though it was a Shimano 105 crankset with a 34 ring, it was a 10 speed not an 11 speed. So in essence, the part Biggi bought was no good. At this point, Griff said that he could tell they were both just getting annoyed and irritated, so he came in, got some date coconut rolls for them, and they ate them in silence haha. But man what a hilarious day where everything seems to just be going wrong. So after that, they had to put Biggi's old and bent crank set back on. And while they did that I made dinner. After a few more mishaps of blowing a fuse, spilling tea, and burning the rice, our day got better from there. LOL. Dinner was delicious. It was just jasmine rice and broccoli with sriracha, sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce.

I swear sauces make a world of difference. Then for dessert I had toasted Golden Crumpets with spoonfuls of tahini and tons of sugar crystallised on top. Then I also had 4 bowls of Nutrigrain and cocoa puffs cereal with mango, date coconut rolls, soy milk, tahini and sugar. So yea, it was yum and I feel like I'm about to give birth, but man was it tasty.

And while we ate dinner we watched funny youtube videos that made me piss myself laughing. My favorite was this Ed Bassmaster video of a prank he did during a parent teacher conference, oh man if you guys ever need a laugh, please go watch this:

And now it's 10 and we are off to bed, I haven't gotten a sweat on in ages and I'm hoping to do so tomorrow, so it's an early (ish) night for me!