Day 90: I had the most beautiful sleep last night. For the first time in a long time, I woke up feeling refreshed rather than even more tired than usual. So at 7, we started getting ready for our morning ride with some of the other vegan cyclists in Adelaide. But as Biggi was pumping up his rear tire, the valve came out, so we had to frantically change his tube, and pump up the tire to make it to the meeting spot on time at 8. But after some fast riding, and making a few close calls with the traffic lights, we got to our meeting place on time. It was so wonderful to see Freelee again, I hadn't seen her since the festival, and everytime I spend time with her, I'm reminded of how humble and down to earth of a person she is. So after a nice easy ride up to Norton Summit, we stopped to wait for the rest of the group. And sitting on a bench, in the sun, I got to finally chat and catch up with Freelee. She's been hard at work on her ebook, and been through quite a lot recently, and I'm so impressed by her general attitude towards life, such an inspiring person to be around. So after about 30 minutes of just chatting, we decided to continue on to Mount Lofty, and once we got to the top, everyone just started talking, snacking, and enjoying the view and each others company.

Somehow we got to talking about planking, and the boys mentioned how I did a 10 minute plank in the plank competition we had in Christchurch, and my friend Dylan remarked how he didn't think 10 was that much. So I challenged him to a plank competition on the concrete, at the top of Mount Lofty, and he agreed. He put in a valiant effort and stopped around 4 minutes, and just for old times sake, I continued on until 10 minutes again, but man it was tough. My whole body was shaking by about 8 minutes. Then we took some selfies, and headed back down and home to our place. Once home I did a few sets of pushups, I'm really going to commit myself to improving my all around fitness. I hate having such weak arms, and I want to be able to just lift heavy objects in life without struggling. Then after about 3 sets of 10 pushups I grabbed a shower, and ate some more cereal. Then we went to the bike shop where I bought a new jersey since mine had turned into a crop top from washing, and the seams were starting to rub my armpits and cause them to chafe. One of the other fellow vegans in Adelaide Shannon met as at the bike shop, then took as to the market in the city center where we got some mangoes, bananas and broccoli.

And while we were there she mentioned that Harley was filming a video on Rundle street so we decided to head on over to pay him and Freelee a visit! We ended up chatting with them for ages and it was so nice to catch up with them. Harley also checked over my bike for me, and adjusted the rear derailleur a bit. Then we stopped by Coles on the way home to get some more nutrigrain, granola, and soy milk.

And then we started dinner, which was the same as yesterday. While I cooked, the guys fixed up Biggi's bike, and I also snacked on the sweetest juiciest Aussie R2D2 mangoes.

Then dinner was: Rice, broccoli, some more mangoes, sriracha, sweet chilli sauce, then 4 bowls of cereal for dessert. And now, I'm going to edit some videos then head off to bed!