So today's NYE, and usually that means getting drunk and staying out late, but instead of doing that Nicole had a brilliant idea to organize a group ride for us vegan cyclists, where we just basically spend all day on our bikes riding around the city, and so of course when we heard about it, we knew we'd have to join, because man, there's nothing more I'd rather do than spend the day on my bike (and there's no sarcasm there). 

But when I woke up this morning I felt sick, so instead of going on the ride with the guys in the early morning, I just continued on sleeping and met the big group at 10 for the start of our NYE adventures. But along the way to the meeting spot, I got a flat like literally 100 m from our meeting spot, so we fixed my tire in the scorching sun, then met up with everyone else. There were about 15 other vegan cyclists that were also crazy like us, and who also decided that riding all day in 40 degree heat is a sane and good idea. So we started our ride by cruising up to Mount Lofty, but midway we stopped to do a little 2 km steep climb called Corkscrew. On that ride, I swear I sweated out all the water in my body, and my tongue became dry as cardboard, but man it was a tough little bugger of a climb. Also on that climb, Griff's rims got so overheated from the friction of his brakes and of course from the scorching sun, that it basically melted and punctured his tire. So that was the second flat of our trip, then after getting to the top of Corkscrew I found out that another one of our group members had a flat. So that's three in one day. So while we were waiting for everyone to finish corkscrew, we all became acutely aware that us waiting under the sun was just dehydrating us all, and we were all out of water. It was legitimately 40 degrees, and dry heat at that. Every inhalation I took seemed to burn and seer the insides of my nostrils. So the fact that I needed water like a baby needs their mother, definitely motivated me on the whole way up to Mount Lofty. I swear I pushed myself so hard that last 10 minutes of the climb, and with every peddle stroke I just kept thinking, you're one stroke closer to that wonderful water tap at the top of Lofty, so just keep peddling! ahah, and after what seemed like the longest ride of my life, we finally arrived. And man, that water at the top of Lofty, was like the sweetest most delicious drink I've ever tasted. It was just heaven sent.

Then we all just chilled out at the top chatting and eating. We bought so much food for the ride: dates, raisins, granola bars, gels, and bananas. My favorite were the bars, they were so sweet and flavorful. Anyways, when we all decided to descend, Griff, Biggi, Dylan and I decided to go down Greenhill so that Griff could stop in at a Specialized Bike shop to get his derailleur fixed. We ended up having to go to two different shops and wait around an hour for the mechanics to finish the job. So by the time we rode to where the rest of the group were having smoothies, they had already left for their ride by the sea. So we just jumped into Coles to get some more food, then rode along the coast to try to catch them.

After about 20 kms, we soon saw three riders coming along the other way, I guess the rest of the group had decided to rest up and go home before the night ride up Lofty, so us four joined Nicole, Anthony and Jeff and we continued riding throughout the day. After another few hours on the bike, we decided it was time to get some proper food for dinner, so we stopped at Zambreros for Burritos.

And holy shit, they were some fucking tasty burritos. Full of white and black rice (they ran out of beans), guac, salsa, jalapeños, corn, and bbq sauce. Each of them were huge and jampacked full of carby goodness, and I ended up getting two. Which turned out to be perfect because Freelee and Harley rocked up to join us, after Zambreros had closed, so I gave my second one to Freelee. After we were all stuffed with Burritos, we had a few hours to kill before meeting the rest of the crew at 9 by the highway, for our nighttime ride up to Lofty. So we decided to join Freelee and Harley in Rundle mall and just chill there while they filmed some troll videos.

Then since we were going to be up at Lofty till midnight, we decided that we should be safe and go to coles to buy some more snacks so we dont get hungry while we're stuck at the top of a mountain. So we bought huge 2 L bottles of mango banana smoothies, sour patch kids, more granola bars, and some date rolls.

And after skulling the smoothie (because we didn't want to carry it up mount lofty while riding, it would just be extra weight) we hit the road once again to meet the crew. That entire ride over to the highway was hilarious, I was so high off of all the sugar and felt so energized despite being on my bike all day, but I was also so full of liquids, my stomach was not happy. I was burping and laughing, and got a stitch from all the juice, but everyone else was in the same boat so it was just a hilarious ride over. Then when we got to the meeting spot, we found about ten others waiting for us, so there were around 17 of us, in the pitch black at night, on our bikes, with crazy strong lights, riding up Mount Lofty. AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.

This whole day, has just been a really easy pace, and tonight was no different. We just all cruised up real slow, enjoying each others company and having hilarious conversations. And I just felt so alive and unbelievably happy the entire time. Like what a fucking cool way to spend NYE. Riding up Mount Lofty with 16 other vegan cyclists, to watch the fireworks. So much better than any other NYE I've ever had. I'll definitely never forget this night. It was so surreal, to be in a huge pack of riders, all cruising up in the night, owning the road. We were more or less the only people out at the time, we passed a few cars but for the most part we had the entire road to ourselves.

Once we got to the top, we all marvelled at the beautiful view of the city at night, then we sat down and just started chatting some more and snacking on the food we brought. Then we played these hilarious mind riddle games, my favorite was one about the "Magical Kingdom." And man it was just so ridiculous, and we were all so tired, that I just found it hilarious and so much fun. And then before we knew it, it was midnight, and the fireworks were going off. I watched them from on top of Biggi's shoulders since there were actually quite a lot of people there, and so sitting on Biggi, on top of Mount Lofty, surrounded by new and old friends, in Adelaide is how I spent the first moments of 2016. This is why I love being fit, so I can do crazy cool shit like ride up Mount Lofty at midnight to watch the fireworks. And what a perfect start to the year, I couldn't have asked for a more fulfilling and memorable way to end 2015 and start 2016. And after the fireworks were over, we started descending, and man the entire way down I felt so giddy and hyper and full of adrenaline, so when the idea came up to go to a 24/7 bakery to get vegan donuts, I jumped at the idea. And so a big group of us started riding there. But about 10 minutes into the commute to the bakery, the fatigue from just being out on my bike for 15 hours started to hit me, and I just felt like curling up on the street and falling asleep.

But regardless I made it to the bakery, tried the huge insane donut, then rode back, ate 3 more bowls of cereal with tahini, and had 3 granola bars. By the end of the day, we had ridden over 170 kms, and it was 3 am in the morning, and I felt half alive. So I basically just passed the fuck out.