Today I woke up at 10, feeling like a zombie. It wasnt even the riding from yesterday that made me so tired, it was just being out in the sun for 15 hours that drained me. But after a long lie in, I felt well enough to ride out about 10 kms with Griff to where Harley was everesting. So we rode out to cheer him on, he was trying to everest on a 20% 70 m climb, so it was super short but super steep.

I went up the little climb twice and was just ruined, where as Harley had been going up and down for hours already. What a champ he is. So we stayed for about an hour, just watching him, chatting with him, and supporting him. But eventually we realized that we hadn't eaten anything all day and were hungry hungry hippos. So we rode on home. There we grabbed our bags, and Biggi, and we head off to the shops only to realize they were closed. Then poor Griff got another puncture. So while they fixed his tire, I went to a service station where I bought rice, veggies, granola, and rice milk for our rumbling bellies. Then I came straight home, showered and ate some cereal. After the cereal I felt like a semi- normal functioning human again, so I caught up on emails, messages, and my blog. While I did that, the guys made rice and veggies. And after inhaling dinner with heaps of sriracha, I had three more bowls of nutrigrain with this crunchola granola that my friend Joey recommended with heaps of tahini (obvs) and sugar and coconut milk.