So today... WE GOT OUR CAMPER VAN. The boys woke up early and drove to pick up our camper van, while I slept in and cleaned up our cabin to check out. Man, we haven't slept in this camper van yet, but I'm kinda loving it. It's going to be like our little home on wheels, woo, I'm so siked!

Then after they got back, we decided to go for a little ride into the city, but about 30 minutes into the ride, Griff was looking down at his Garmin, and ran right into a sign post on the side of the road. Thank goodness he was alright but it definitely shook him up, so we just decided to take it super easy and just cruise for another 30 minutes before heading back. Then after that, we drove into the city to take a gander around the beautiful Botanical Gardens.

My favorite were the Rose Gardens, man I just love smelling flowers. There's something so beautiful about just breathing in their sweet sweet aroma. It just takes me to another world. I also just love how full of trees the entire city is, everywhere you go there are picturesque places where you can just lounge in the shade of the trees, and read. Then we went into the city centre, and it was fascinating to see all the wreckage from the earthquake.

This city is truly extremely resilient and beautiful in its own peaceful way. The city centre only really had a few big buildings, it's really just a town and I love the small cutesy feel of it. There were also these super neat container yard shops which were actually such a cool concept and showed how resourceful the city was! Then we stopped at a grocery store to pick up some staple foods that we can cook up in our camper van, like rice, cereal, bread etc. I also got something called mint sauce which I've never tried before and am pretty stoked for. After that, we went to the dinner meetup that my friend Melissa from Instagram planned for me! She posted on the Christchurch vegan girls group that I was coming into town and organized a dinner at this Italian restaurant called Tutto Bene which had a full vegan menu! I ordered bruschetta, and the tasties pizza with pumpkin, mozzerella, avocado and sun dried tomatoes. It was fucking epic.

But man, the people there were truly so beautiful! All so kind, so humble, and so lovely. Then something crazy cool happened, I was just chatting to Melissa and she asked me where we were staying tonight, and I truthfully answered saying we weren't sure. And she kindly offered up her place. She said that there was a lot next to her house that we could park our camper van at, so that way we wouldn't have to pay like $40 just to park at a campsite. We gratefully took her up on the offer. And now we're sitting in her kitchen eating weetbix, chatting to her, her boyfriend, and her hilarious flat mate. Man this gal Melissa is just 100% pure kindness. She just gives so much with no expectation of anything in return. She kept offering us food, and even tried to give us a whole jar of coconut sugar. Like, coconut sugar is fucking expensive, there was no way I was gonna take that from her, but it just goes to show how giving she is. Man beautiful people like her, are what i set out to find when I set out on my travels. Just so refreshing and inspiring to come across. It truly made my heart so happy.