Yesterday night we Drove our camper van through the rainy night until we were starting to fall asleep. Then we camped in a town called Timaru by the beach for the night. That's the beauty of a camper van, anywhere and everywhere can be a campsite and a place to sleep, what blissful freedom! ahah, so we ended up falling asleep & waking up to the lull of crashing waves and pattering rain drops, it was surreal. But it was just so darn chilly that we ended up staying in bed till around 8, and after finally dragging our lazy selves out of bed, we hit the road.

And thus began a day of sitting on my bum. We drove, snacked, sang tunes, chatted. I read, napped. We stopped at a few places along the way, including these pretty trippy perfectly round rocks on the beach that made for an underwhelming but still neat tourist attraction.

Then from there, I sat and wrote a few writing pieces while the boys went out for a quick bike ride. But I just wasn't feeling it today so I decided not to force it, and just take it reallllll easy today :) Then after that stop, we kept on driving until eventually we just per chance passed by the most Sparkling crystal clear body of water called Cromwell Dam. It was definitely one of those moments that made me feel like I was staring at something so beautiful that it was fake. It was a "WOAH I'M IN NEW ZEALAND AND ITS FUCKING INCREDIBLE" MOMENT.

Actually this entire drive down south has just been so picturesque. Rolling green mountains, with bubbling brooks, and the snow capped Southern Alps in the background. Stunning. Then after another few hours we arrived at Wanaka, which is just a bit North of Queenstown. We decided to stay a few days here, and so after calling up a few campsites, and realizing it would be close to $50 just to park on a campsite, we decided against staying at one. All we really needed was a place for the guys to shower, and some running water. So after the revelatory discovery that one of the gas stations in town called Caltex, had both a shower and laundromat that we could use, we headed straight there.

While the guys showered, I started cooking up some rice and veggies for our dinner. And after it was finished we drove along the Lake front and found a picnic table that we could park at, and that picnic table was our dining room for the night. I mean, it doesn't get much better, to be eating dinner with a view fit for royalty, with close friends, in the fresh air and sunshine.

So after a delicious dinner of rice and veg drowned in tangy mint sauce, sweet chilli sauce, and spoonfuls of tahini, I had a bowl of tahini syrupy weetbix with bananas and soy milk for dessert, or as Griff would say: "pudding." Then we went back to that gas station to wash up our dishes and pots, before heading to a Spark wifi hotspot to make a route for our ride tomorrow. As of tonight, we're planning on riding to Queenstown tomorrow from here, then back. It's going to be a stunning ride through the Crown Ranges, but it will be a tough ride of over 100 km with about 2000 m of elevation. So we're gonna try to get to bed before 10!