We ended up staying at a campsite last night, that was $7 per adult, and consisted of a large grass field with some toilet facilities and a sink. We stayed up reading our books until the night sky was dark and filled with dreamy stars. And this morning I woke up around 7 to a beautiful sunny day and birds singing their merry tunes. I remember standing outside our camper van, eyes closed, face turned towards the rising sun, breathing in the fresh crisp air and just feeling so happy. So after we had a slow morning reading, we had some weetbix, packed up our bikes, and hit the road towards Mount Aspiring, for the walk that we'd planned to do. We were gonna do the Rob Roy Glacier Hike, but after driving out there, we realized the gravel road that led to the hike was a little too bumpy for our Camper Van, so we found another hike called the Rob Roy Peak Hike and decided on a whim to do that. The one we were gonna do was more of a scenic hike which was good for us after our hard day on the bike yesterday, but this hike that we stumbled upon was anything but easy. It was labeled as a 6-7 hour return hike, with 1350 m of elevation. About 30 minutes in my calfs were on fire, and it didn't really stop burning until we were back down to the camper van 4 hours later. BUT HOLY SHIT it was just spectacular. Firstly, there were so many sheep just roaming around the mountain face, and it was so incredible to see them in their habitat bounding around, jumping for joy, calling out to their mates, eating, and relaxing in the shade.

Secondly, the panoramic view that you were privy to after the hike opened up was gob smack jaw dropping. You could see the entirety of Lake Wanaka, as well as all the surrounding mountain ranges. And every time I looked at the lake, I was still taken aback by how vibrantly blue and sparkling it was. Literally every time I looked though... it never got old.

Walking up the mountain, we more or less gunned it and didn't take any breaks, but after we got to the peak, we had a relaxing sit down, ate our dates, and had the juiciest sweetest pears ever, while taking in the most surreal picturesque views. Then the way down, we just took it easy and chatted the hours away.

Then after driving back into town, we hit up our fav gas station to take a shower, by some jelly beans, and use their wifi to plan our Adelaide adventures. I also took advantage of the free wifi to give my parents a quick update to let them know that I was still alive :) And while I sat outside the gas station pilfering their free wifi, the boys went and got groceries for pasta. But cooking pasta and waiting for the water to boil when you're hungry as a hippo is a tough thing to do. ahhah, but eventually after about 40 minutes of cooking, we finished making our pasta and pasta sauce, and once again ate it on the lake front, while watching the seagulls, ducks, and little birds flit and float about. And now we're hitting the road again and heading to Arrotown. What a beautifully simple but fulfilling day.