I decided that I want to make this year of travelling more than just me traipsing around the globe seeing pretty sights. I want it to be impactful and more than anything I crave self growth, so I’ve decided to challenge myself and hold myself accountable to, at the very least, one thought of gratitude every day. I’ll be documenting my #365daysofgratitude on instagram and here on my blog. I’ll be updating it everyday with a photo and a short excerpt on what I’m grateful for that day. Travel involves many challenges and unknowns so I’m so excited to see what these next 365 days bring. If at any point you feel inspired to do the same, and commit to 365 days (and then maybe a lifetime) of gratitude JOIN ME and use the #365daysofgratitude so I can see your posts as well!

Day 1: I am forever grateful to my home. Although I'm leaving it today for who knows how long, I will never forget what this beautiful land has taught me. It's shaped my affinity for nature, thirst for adventure, and craving for beauty. This home, this city, these trees, those mountains, they are what have given me my spirit and ambition. So even though I leave my home today, I will carry with me in my heart everything you've shown me. 

Thank you.

. What are you grateful for? #365daysofgratitude