DAY 103

Slept in today later than I have in ages, then when I finally decided to get my lazy bum out of bed, I went for a slow cruisy spin up the hills, then went straight to Foodland since I had no food back home. I got heaps of cereal and these hazlenut wafers that I devoured with a tall glass of cold soy milk. Then after showering, I met up with the guys in the city at Rundle mall where we watched the cutest 13 year old perform some acrobatics and magic as a busker. He was such a cheeky little character and such a good performer. Then the guys decided they were getting a little peckish so we went to Gelatissimo for some gelato. I bought them a pack of the wafers as a gift while I was at the market so they ate them with the ice cream.

And since Biggi has been raving about smoked tofu since I met him. And yesterday at dinner Abdullah was telling us about this place in the central market where you can buy it, so we went on a hunt for smoked tofu. While riding, Anthony found us and tagged along. So the smoked tofu mission was a success and Biggi got a few packs because he loved it! Then I went to Rundle mall to use their super fast free wifi. Then I went over to my friend Hazels place for dinner! We made heaps of baked sweet potatoes and smothered them in tahini and cinnamon. Then for dessert we made a tower of berry banana ice cream with 16 bananas, frozen berries and loads of fruit toppings, granola, buckwheat and coconut, and LASTLY CEREAL.

Because no night is over until you've had cereal. But man, the theme of tonight's dinner was PB 2, we put that shit on EVERYTHING! on the sweet potatoes, nice cream and even the veggies lol. And now it's safe to say that after about 10 bananas and 3 sweet potatoes I'm stuffed! We also had epic convos, and I realized how similar our backgrounds and upbringing were. She's such a beautiful kind FREE spirit and I had the best night! Then I cycled home REALLY FUCKING SLOW because I felt pregnant, lol.