DAY 104

Today was amazing and also so exhausting. I woke up at 5:30 to join the guys for a 6am morning ride. So I spun up nice and easy up Nortons, which was actually extremely tough since there was a hectic head wind. Then I went up to Lofty with Griff and Callum, and then back down to the base of the mountain all before 8am. By that time the rest of the morning crew had arrived, and we all rode up to Nortons, then Lofty together. I had been planning on going on a long ride after that with Biggi, but halfway through my second ride up Nortons I realized how fucking EXHAUSTED and weak my legs were. I have just been overtraining and overdoing it these past few days, so instead I came home, ate coco pops and took a nap. Then I rode over to the guys place where a bunch of them were just chilling and hanging out. I stayed there for a bit until my friend Nathalie picked me up to take us to Glenelg for a little beach photo shoot for her bikini company, Rock The Boat. I was a tad bit awkward at first, but Nathalie was just so enthusiastic and hilarious that I got right into it, and before I knew it I was running around, laughing, swimming, and just having a grand ole time playing on the beach :) We took pics on the rocks, in the water, running on the sand and everywhere else in between, and I honestly had a blast!

Then she dropped me back off, where the guys were waiting for me to bike over to Meesu for dinner. Josh Bigfoot came to dinner and it was awesome to see him, the last time I saw him was in Vancouver where he was working on a holiday visa! There were also about 10 other of us vegans there, and as usual it was a rowdy group of us! I didn't order nearly enough though, so after I inhaled my food, all I could think about was getting home to cereal.

When I finally got back, I quickly showered since I was still salty and crusty from my beach swim, then downed about 6 huge bowls of cereal... like no joke. I had sultana flakes, weetbix and coco pops all with sugar, jam and soy milk. NOM.