DAY 105

So I woke up this morning 30 minutes before I was meeting the crew at 8. There were a pretty good group of us, and we all cruised up together to Nortons, then after talking heaps we rolled up to Lofty together. At the top of Lofty, we had some pretty inspiring chats about our economy, life, and the environment. Then on the descent down, me and Anton were chatting heaps about the universe, philosophy, and life in general. He's such a inquisitive interesting individual, and I loved conversing with him. Then because Johnny and Michelle flew in today and were staying at Griff and Biggi's place during the day, I decided to come over and say hi to them! I rode back to their place with Biggi, and when I saw them I gave both of them the BIGGEST hugs! I missed being around them so much, I missed Michelle's laugh, their accents, and Johnny's sweet sweet endearing smile. Then after about ten minutes of chatting, I had to hit the road so I could bike over to Bom dia in time for 1. I was meeting their marketing manager and owner to do some photography promo work for them. It took me about 40 minutes to ride there, and I was gross and sweaty when I got there. But both Jen and Dale were so nice, and didn't seem to mind that I was wearing my cycling kit and was a sweaty betty haha. So I spent over an hour shooting their raw cakes, and some of their dishes for them.

The photos all turned out incredible and they ended up giving me so much free food to take home to eat. I ate most of it, and brought some home for the guys to try as well. I had some crazy good avo on toast, a cherry ripe slice, and a date square. Then I spent the rest of the day just chilling out, editing videos, and catching up with Johnny and Michelle. Then Michelle cooked up a feast for us of baked sweet potatoes, rice, and a kale beetroot corn salad. Then Anton came over and brought this insanely tasty dahl dish. We all just feasted and talked about who knows what :) Then after two plates of dinner, I had 5 bowls of cereal while watching videos of George Bush making a fool of himself, ahha. And now it's 10 and I'm ready for bed!