DAY 106

I slept on the guys couch yesterday instead of biking home last night, so after waking up there around 7, we all rolled into the city to meet up with Johnny, Michelle, Josh and Anton for a nice and easy flat ride along the beach.  After about 50 kms on the flat, Johnny, Michelle and Josh went home, and the rest of us continued on to do a nice easy climb up Montacue road. Well that's what Biggi and I did at least, Anton and Griff flew up the hill, and I tried to keep up at first, but realized pretty quickly that my legs were just fucked, and that it wouldn't be wise for me to push it. I want to have fresh legs for this coming week for the TDU so I really want to just take it easy today and tomorrow. So anyways, Biggi and I just cruised up nice and easy, and stopped a few times to pick fruit from the side of the road. We picked lots of blackberries, and spent ages gorging ourselves on freshly picked plums! Biggi climbed right onto the highway railing to reach the top branches, ahah. Then we rolled back down the hill, and back home. And after showering, and drinking a huge banana smoothie, I cleaned up a bit to help the boys tidy up their place for the potluck tonight! It's Callum's birthday so the guys decided to host a potluck to celebrate. We also bought him a cheese cake and donut from Cherry Darlings as a little birthday treat. So while we waited for everyone to arrive, we cooked up crazy amounts of potato chips, fries, and a thai green curry. Then as all the guests rolled in we eventually ended up with couscous with pumpkin and sundried tomatoes, indian curry that Freelee made, potatoes and lentils, a dahl, lots of hummus and crackers, salads, soy ice cream, granola and choc soy milk. I snacked on heaps of crackers and dips, then had one huge plate piled full of all the goodies. Then for dessert I had ice cream with choc soy milk, then about 3 bowls of cereal with rice, jam, sugar, and granola.

But besides the food, it was just such a riot, there were 24 people here total, and we just had the greatest time. Harley also brought some Altra shoes that he had bought for us, and a few of us bought a pair off of him. Biggi, Eddy and I took our shoes out for a little test run around the block and man I love them. They feel so free and springy, I can't wait to take another turn of running up Lofty in them!

Everyone was just chatting, laughing, eating and having a good time and it made me so happy to see. I just have so much love for all these people even though I've only met most of them a few weeks ago. Then we brought out the goodies for Callum and I started singing Happy Birthday, and everyone else joined in! He is now 22 years young, woot! Then the rest of the evening, I just floated around singing, learning to box from joey, playing "the magical kingdon," talking about cereal, and laughing my ass off. Also Joey and I are convinced that we are cereal siblings since we both eat hectic amounts of cereal, lol. And now, it's about 11 and it is officially dream time for Steph.