DAY 107

So this morning, we met up with the regular crew at 8 for our daily spin up Nortons. But me and Biggi made a decision to just literally CRUISE up, like he didn't go over 180 watts the entire ride basically. We also found so many wild plum trees along the road, and so we stopped heaps to pick them and feast on some juicy sweet plums. 

Then Biggi decided to help me move my stuff from my old air bnb to their place just so I could keep I could move into our new air bnb place in Norwood. Biggi is seriously such a sweetheart, he's so kind and just offered to help me move, so we went back to my place, and he helped me pack up. Then he rode with my big hiking pack, and all I carried was a little canvas bag of stuff. And man we rode back so slowly just because we were so off balanced with our big bags, I was half expecting one of us to keel over. Then by the time we got to the guys place, BONNY AND TIM HAD ALREADY ARRIVED. They flew in at 8:30, and after putting their bike together and grabbing some food they also rode over to the guys house to hang before we could all move into the air bnb. It was so AMAZING to see them, I gave them the biggest hug, and we just were chatting and catching up at the guys place. I also made some cereal for Bonny to introduce her to the wonders of Nutrigrain and she loved it! Then after we were able to move into our place, we rode our bikes over with our packs to move into our home for the next 10 days! And you know what, I absolutely love it! It's in such a gorgeous location close to lots of shops and The Parade, and pretty close to the hills! So after moving in, we rode to the coles which is literally 5 mintues away and bought some food for dinner and cereal and TAHINI! Then we came back, and had an arvo cereal snack and beautiful talk about life and parenting out on the front porch. And while prepping for dinner, me and Tim discussed The name of the Wind in detail. I got him hooked on the book back when I was in Sydney and it's so awesome to speak to someone who's just as enthused and fanatic about the series! I'm also so stoked about the book that Tim bought me as a gift. I mentioned that I've wanted to read The Once and Future King for ages but just haven't been able to find it, and guess what, HE FOUND IT!

Then around 6, guess who finally arrives... MARGAUX! She drove all day over from Melbourne and got here just in time for dinner!

We had rice, with corn, chickpeas, broccoli and greens for dinns and I devoured it with heaps of sweet chilli sauce and sriracha. I had two plates of dinner, then 5 bowls of cereal with TAHINI, sugar, berries and banana. Man I haven't had tahini in ages and I have MISSED it.