DAY 108

THE WHOLE CREW IS NOW HERE IN ADELAIDE. WOOT. So besides the usual incredible crew of adelaide vegans we got here, there's also Bonny, Tim, Margaux, Josh, Angelo, Anthony, Shannon, Johnnie and Michelle here! So aka there's a shit ton of people here, and it honestly feels like Thailand all over again. So this morning, I had planned on doing another TT like last week, but I woke up to a text from Freelee saying that there was a hectic headwind, so mentally I just kind of checked out and decided against it. But I still wanted to push it up nortons this morning and get a sub 20 so Griff paced me up again (what a sweetheart). Griff is honestly just a master pacer, he's the perfect mix of encouraging yet also firm. So we went pretty hard up Nortons, and I felt like I pushed it basically as hard as last week, but because of the shitty wind conditions, and because my mind wasn't entirely commited to it, I obviously didn't get that fabulous of a time, but it was still awesome and fun to practice pushing myself! Then after getting to the top of Nortons, we all just sat down and chilled out for awhile.

When Biggi rode up, I asked him how his TT effort went, and guess what? HE GOT A PB, even with this shit weather he managed to get a 15:07 which was like 30 seconds faster. He averaged 370 Watts, which is seriously incredible! I'm so proud of him, I can't wait to see how he does without a headwind! So after awhile of just chilling, we continued on up to Lofty. I cruised up with Griff, Freelee and Biggi. Then when we were maybe a km away from Lofty Biggi and I pushed it again, and that definitely took it out of me. For the rest of the day I was just pretty pooped ahaha. At the top of Lofty, I chatted with the crew, then also met a guy called Michale from Brisbane, who drove over with his wife. He was such a cool guy, he did a 24 hour ride with the elevation of 2.5 everest's for charity, and also had brain cancer two years ago which helped catalyze his change to a vegan diet. Then I went and joined some of the gals for a little chit chat. It was so cold, so I sat and cuddled Bonny the entire time heeh. Then eventually around 11, we decided to descend down Greenhill, then rolled on back home.

When we got back, we all had some cereal, then after taking showers, and just laying around for a few hours we finally decided to get a move on and get some shit done. So first we went to the shops and did a big grocery haul.

And after stocking up on more cereal, we came home and I had another few bowls of cereal. I bought Jordan's granola and maple syrup, so I was able to make a bowl of all bran, mighty grain (which is way more shit than nutrigrain), and granola with tahini and maple syrup, eheheh. Then I edited a video, and just chilled for the rest of the arvo with Bonny, Tim and Margaux. Angelo also came around for a bit and hung out with us for awhile before leaving for dinner. Then instead of going out for some overpriced food, we just cooked up some rice and red lentils, and brought it over to the guys place to eat with them. I had a few plate fulls, and ate my food with sweet soy sauce and SRIRACHA!

We just spent the night watching a few youtube videos, catching up on each others lives, and chatting about our plans for the next few days. Then around 8 we headed back, and picked up some water along the way, before getting home. Then I had a few more bowls of cereal for dessert, wrote this blog post, and brushed my teeth. And now, I'm finally off to bed before 10! Woot.