DAY 109

So today there was a fundraising ride called "ride like crazy" where thousands of cyclists sign up to do a 107 km loop through the hills to raise money for cancer. It was such a cool event, literally thousands of people sign up, and there were tons of police escorts and rest stations with water and food along the way.

But instead of registering, we (Harley, Freelee, Nicole, Anthony, Biggi, Griff, Callum, Brendan, Daniel, and Jeff) just met by the start of the ride, and after everyone passed us, we just tagged on to the back of the group and followed them. Then we spent the next few hours just passing everyone which was a lot of fun eheh. The entire route took us through some incredibly stunning rolling hills, and it was so funny, tons of bigger guys on 10 grand bikes would boom past us on the downhills then we would pass them on the climbs, which is what really matters, heeh. It was also hilarious to see the look on guys faces when we all spun past them, especially since there were 3 of us girls in the group. Near the beginning, Harley, Griff and Callum took off and so the rest of us all rode together. But man, Freelee and Brendan both pushed the pace pretty hard, Freelee was loving her new bike and kept sprinting off, I spent majority of the ride chasing Freelee, ahah which was seriously so inspiring. It's one thing to look at the guys and be motivated by them, but it's another thing when it's another female who has a similar body frame and composition. Biggi and Daniel also bombed it past us and did a few hard efforts, then after about 4 hours of riding, 90 kms, and 1200m of elevation, we ended our ride on the infamous Corkscrew climb. It's like 2-3 kms at 8% average. What a kicker, and what a way to totally fuck your legs over after a long ride, lol. But I just took it real slow, and tried not to think about the doom I was putting myself through intentionally lol, and tried not to let the sweat dripping down my face blur my vision. But then, as everything in life, the pain ended and I was at the top! Then we descended slowly and safely down Montacue road, and I made a pit stop at the guys place, before finally getting home. I got home around mid day, showered, ate, and then just chilled out for a bit. Then me and Bonny edited videos, chatted, and just hung out. Then I cuddled and slept in the bed with Tim and Bonny for a good while just having a lol and relaxin. Man I swear to god I fall more and more in love with these two beautiful beings everyday.

Then around 4, we hit the road to visit our friend Emily at Pressed Juices to wish her a happy birthday. Man she is such a lovely soul, even though it was HER birthday she ended up giving us tons of free juices.

Then after drinking some refreshing juices, we headed on over to Zambreros to meet the crew for some burritos before we headed over to the crit to watch the first race of the TDU. When we got to Zambreros, because we had so many juices, we just started giving them out and trying out all the flavours to our friends.

There was a salted banana caramel one that sounded incredible but tasted like ASS, and a slippery elm one that tasted like herbal medicine, YUCK, but the rest were pretty tasty especially the chocolate and strawberry "mylks." And, the whole time we were walking along the streets and sitting around outside the burrito place, Bonny and I were just singing our hearts our serenading anyone and everyone we saw on the streets, just belting our hearts out without a care in the world. Our fav song to sing was "Living On a Prayer," lol. I swear this girl brings out the crazy in me haha. Then we headed over to the park to eat our burritos, and Biggi came over to hang out with us too, then he brought us over to where some of the other guys had saved a spot for us by one of the corners which had a crazy good view of the racers.

I didn't think I would but by the time the race started I got real into it. I loved watching the bunch just wizz by us fast as lightning, and I started spotting breakaways and racers who the guys thought would win.

The whole time Anton had his money on an asian cyclist called Caleb, but the whole first half of the crit he was way in the back, so me and Bonny just wrote him off. But by the end... HE WON. But funnily enough, me and bonny actually ended up missing the end of the race because we ended up sitting down across the street and didn't realize it was finishing. LOL FAIL, but we had a fun time just singing some more, acting like total goof balls and learning icelandic words.  Then after the race ended, we met back up with the crew for COCONUT ICE CREAM at this new place called Scrolls. They make the ice cream on the spot on a cold plate then make little scrolls with the mixture. The vegan flavour was a coconut lychee blueberry ice cream and you know what...IT WAS FUCKING TASTY.


But since so many of us went, and they make each one individually we had a long wait, so during that time me and bonny sang celine dion with biggy, I did some gangster dancing, and we chatted up most of the people who worked there. One guy Mitch said he would marry me so that I could get citizenship and stay in the country. I'm gonna remember that, and hold him to his word ahah. Anyways, after a hectic, long, exhausting, fun, hilarious, day full of laughs and memories, I am now ready to pass the fuck out. But first I had 6 bowls of cereal. Yup, 6. I was a hungry hippo.