DAY 110

TODAY WAS HOT. Like over 40 degrees hot, eeek I just feel like I can never drink enough water these days hah. But man today was a fucking epic and hilarious day. So it started off like most days here in Radelaide, woke up and went for a morning ride with the vegan crew. We cruised up to Lofty, while chatting. I was mostly talking to Biggi about life, the economy, asking about his country, and singing random songs with him ahah. Then while chilling at the top of Lofty, I was chatting with Shannon heaps and reminiscing on how we met in Thailand, ahha. Then on the descent down, Griff, Callum, Freelee and I were riding behind the main group and we were joking that they were trying to "drop" us. So I joked that I wasn't gonna let that happen so I started to accelerate to try to bridge the gap, but for some reason I felt like I was really heavy. But I just chalked it down to me being tired from yesterdays ride, but then I felt my bike sort of lean to one side, and I heard Freelee chuckling. So I looked beside me at Griff and realized I couldn't see his left arm, and that's when I realized Griff was holding on to my seat and letting me drag him. When I realized I started pissing myself laughing and they all started bursting out laughing as well. They all thought I knew and when they realized I didn't they thought it was hilarious. Then the rest of the ride, we were talking about how thankful I was that I was reintroduced to cycling through Griff and Biggi and I adventuring through New Zealand, and how that made me have an attitude of adventure and not one about competitive times and such.

Then because there was a TT race up Nortons today, and one of our friends Jeremy was racing in it, we decided to go and watch them to cheer them on. It was pretty funny and yet inspiring to watch all of them racing by us with their pain faces, it was also sweet to see all their awesome kits ahah.

Griff and I also got photos of us in our matching fluro socks and in it I look like a legit midget, which makes me laugh. Then I cruised home, took a shower, and ate a massive bowl of cereal in a salad bowl. Then Bonny showed me all these hilarious Vine videos that had gone viral, my favorite was the "why the fuck you lyinngggg" song video. I'm gonna use that all the time now, like when Griff says "I'm gonna take it easy up the hill today" I'm gonna go: "why the fuck you lying, why you always lyinggggg" lol. Then after spending the rest of the hot hot arvo inside in the air con editing videos, we drove to Meesu for a group dinner. While waiting for it to open, Margaux, Bonny and I just sat outside eating our heads of iceberg lettuce like total wackos.

Then for dinner, me and Bonny shared spare ribs, then I got some rice and dumplings as well.

The spare ribs are so intense but so fucking insanely delicious, they just taste so meaty. We had loads of hilarious convos during dinner but for lots of it we were just laughing at the photos of me napping that the guys took while we were in NZ, I am a fucking sleeping beauty let me tell you that. ahha.

Then because it was Johnnie's birthday and he's one of my bestest friends ever, I really wanted to do something special for him. He's the type of person who doesn't make a fuss about these types of things, especially anything that has to do with himself, he's so humble and giving that he never really thinks about himself, which is why i really wanted to make a FUSS for him! haah, so halfway through the dinner me and Bonny made it our mission to give him a little birthday surprise. So first I went around the table asking anyone if they knew of any bakeries that sold little vegan treats in the area, but no one knew of anything close by. Then Joey mentioned that I could go to bakery on O'connell which is where I went to get my donut on NYE. He even offered to let me drive his car, I must have looked really desperate going around the table asking frantically for a bakery so he really went above and beyond to try to satisfy my request. He then went as far as to say: dont worry Steph, I feel ya, sometimes I just need something sweet after dinner too." When I heard that I started laughing my ass off, he just thought that I wanted to find a bakery for me, and he wanted to help me out that badly that he would lend me his car just so I could get a donut to satisfy my sweet tooth. haah, seriously WHAT A SWEET HEART. He is just such a kind funny beautiful soul and I love him to bits (Even though I just  met him like a few weeks ago haah) But once we filled him in on the real reason for my request, we decided to take him up on his offer, and BONNY (not me) drove his car to the bakery, where I hopped in, bought a donut, and then we drove back as quickly as we could. Then after we snuck back in, we started singing happy brithday and soon the whole restaurant joined in! It was so heartwarming to see Johnny smiling and surprised by the donut and singing, and that one smile made all the effort more than worth it.

Then because Johnny is the kind soul that he is, he decided to flipping cut his whole donut up into bite sized pieces so that everyone could try a piece. Like you don't get much nicer than that. 

Then when we finally left Meesu, we drove back but Tim had to ride so we decided to draft him back home lol. So we drove super slow and got wierd looks from everyone driving around us, and we were just dying laughing at Tim's face struggling to keep up with us, but then about 10 minutes in, Bonny checked the directions and realized we were driving in the complete opposite direction LOL, so oopsies we just apparently ended up taking the scenic route home, LOL.