DAY 111

Went on a 100 km ride today out to Williamstown then back, and on the way we stopped at the KOM of the first stage of the TDU to watch the pros. It was a long tough ride and the guys set a super challenging pace. They definitely pushed me beyond what I would have done on my own, and I definitely (as Joey would say) got an invitation to the pain party. I was just trying to hold their wheel and stay with them, it definitely helped that mid way through when we got to Williamstown, we all took a rest and the guys told me they were proud of me for sticking with them. I really appreciated them looking out for me and dropping the pace every once in awhile when they saw me struggling. Anyways, so it was only about 9:30 by the time we got to Williamstown, so we realized we'd be able to ride back to the KOM climb in time for when the pros were gonna past around 11:30, and since it was only about 25 kms away we decided just to cruise on to the KOM.  But I guess once they started riding, the guys decided against just "cruising" because they were full on bombing it there. So we ended up getting there pretty early, so we just sat and chilled out in the shade. We also met Harley and Adam there, so there was a big group of us vegans there. Then right before the pros came, all the sponsor car's drove by us and they were handing out tons of free goodies. I got a free bib, an iphone baggy for while riding, a cycling hat, and a reflector for your ankle.

Then after about an hour of chilling, the pros finally came past. First we saw the breakaway sprint to the finish which was super exciting, they were just full gassing it and it was crazy to see how much power they had. And one of the guys in the breakaway was actually Jeremy's friends which is crazy! Then after the breakaway the peloton cruised on by, and after that we decided to hit the road and head home. First we stopped off at a cafe to fill our bottles up since we were all dehydrated as fuck. Then by the time I got back to Norwood I was so hungry and strangely enough didn't really feel like cereal. So I biked to the Coles and bought a whole loaf of ciabatta bread and a huge tub of garlicy salty tangy hummus. But when I got to the self checkout and was trying to pay, I was off by just 20 cents. So I was searching my wallet trying to find coins frantically. By this point I was sweaty, tired, hungry and just wanted to eat my fucking hummus, but I just couldn't find a damn 20 cent coin. Then out of the corner of my eye, I see a hand appear and place a 20 cent coin on the checkout counter in front of me, then all I saw was a a glint of his grey bear and a flash of his teeth as he smiled and said "have a good day." And honeslty that small random unexpected act of kindness just warmed my heart. He had clearly seen me looking for the coin and just wanted to help someone out with no expectations of anything in return. Like how kind is that? So I just sat outside on the bench and ate my bread and hummus with the biggest grin on my face, and I was just loving life, and people, and just had such a reknewed faith in peoples capacity for kindness. Then after coming home I just relaxed with the girls for a bit, watched the vlog that Bonny's currently editing (she's a film editing wiz, like seriously so talented),  then we all started cooking our dinner of rice, lentils and broccoli. And after frantically finishing the cooking and packing up (because we were running late as per usual) we drove over to cherry darlings to get some goodies.

Bonny got a donut and a cheese tomato croissant! Then we headed to the guys place in Unley to just chill there and eat dinner before heading BACK to Cherry Darlings for the eating competition they were hosting. Dinner with the guys was super laid back and fun, we had some pretty heated debates about the supremacy of sriracha VS soy sauce, me and Bonny were team sriracha! Griff also managed to troll us and fool us all about an alligator story.... he is just too fast and convincing. Then by the time we got to Cherry Darlings there was a huge crowd outside waiting, so the challenge is for the contestants to eat TEN pies, a milkshake and two donuts, like MAN that's a hectic amount of food.

There were about ten people competing, but out of them I knew Joey, Eddy, Josh, Brendan, and Daniel. I was rooting for Joey, and he went all out right out of the gate! But after about an hour, they all slowed down their pace and started to look like they were gonna puke. In the end, Joey won with Daniel coming a close second. In the beginning it was fun to watch, but after awhile it just became GROSS, watching them stuff themselves and make themselves sick just made me feel gross. I reckon I'm never gonna be able to eat one of those "meat" pies. Then we came home around 9 and I had about 4 bowls of cereal with heaps of FRUIT! I really didn't feel like anything too dense!