DAY 112

I managed to sleep in till 7 today, woot woot. But every morning, I now wake up groggy and sticky from the heat during the night, but I'm still loving this heat! So we all woke up and got ready to leave for our ride. We met up with a huge group of us vegans, and all headed up first to Nortons then Lofty. On the ride I was chatting heaps to Simone, who is such a rad chick. she was telling me about how she's started two businesses without ever getting a business degree, and it just reaffirms everything I believe. That most of the skills and tools we need to start and run businesses are learnt from just doing it and trying. It's about making mistakes and learning from them, not memorizing useless theories that aren't even applicable in real life.

Then at the top of Lofty, we all just chilled out for awhile, chatting, relaxing in the sun, and snacking. Bonny also taught me the "all my friends are wasted" song and it's just such a catchy tune. ahhah and now I can't stop singing it. And while riding to Stirling we were just singing every and any song that came to mind, I'm so happy I have another person who doesn't give a crap what others think of them and who loves to sing! So once we got to Stirling we rode to the cutest little cafe that had an organic market joined to it. The market sold delicious fruit leather, vegan pies, bliss balls, and more. I had a few packs of sultanas, and some fruit squeezies, then also bought the fudgiest jumbo bliss balls, and some mango passion fruit strawberry fruit leather.

We ate it in the seating area outside, and it was so wonderful. Just sitting out in the shade, on a perfect summers day, eating delicious food with all your friends new and old.

Life doesn't get much better. We were also in such a quaint picturesque neighbourhood, tons of cobblestone roads, and overhanging trees. And since the second stage of the TDU was passing through Sitrling, tons of cyclists had the same idea as us and had all rode in for the day to watch the pros ride past so literally everywhere you looked it was just bikes leaned up against poles, trees, railings, walls, etc... and just a sea of people in lycra. I felt right at home. Two guys also sat down beside us, and we realized they had gone to highschool with Harley, I mean what a small world eh? So we got to chatting, and eventually we shared stories and photos about our cycling accidents! And after everyone had their fill of food, we found a spot along the course that the pros rode and camped out there until they rode by.

We watched them for a few laps, then eventually decided to hit the road and head home since it was verging on 1:00. And after getting home, and having showers, I ate a bowl of cereal, then started prepping for our potluck dinner tonight at the guys place.

We ended up making pasta and potatoes, and were in such a rush the entire time since we were running late as per usual, lol. And when we got there, heaps of people had arrived and the food was all laid out, we had a feast of rice, curry, pasta, pumpkin hummus, couscous, sorbet, TONS OF CEREAL, banana bread, burrito rice bowl mix, melons, and potatoes.

Basically I had about 3 heaping plates, then had mango sorbet with tons of nutrigrain, a few bowls of cereal with jordans granola, and 3 slices of the most moist dense banana bread. And at home I had a few more bowls of mango banana berry cereal with corn flakes and tahini. YUM. And man what a beautiful evening with beautiful friends. It was just such a fun night full of hilarious conversations, insightful moments, and incredible memories. And now after a few more bowls of cereal, I'm ready for bed and to finally be able to sleep in without waking up to an alarm.