I NEED TO REST AND TAKE IT EASY THESE NEXT FEW DAYS. I know that, and my body tells me that every morning when I wake up, every time I ride my bike up a hill and my legs feel tired and weak as fuck, and every time I eat I realize how ravenous I actually am, and how hungry my body is for food. I think that this past while of just hectic activity has led to my body just being behind on my calories, so these next few days is gonna be just very relaxed easy rides, and tons and tons of cereal and tahini and food.

So like I said, I woke up today after a solid sleep, but just felt exhausted still. So we spun up with the rest of the high carb vegan crew at a real relaxed pace. Like I didn't push my muscles at all on the ride, and it felt so good to just take it easy. Then we went straight down to the bike shop, where we met a guy called Chris, who works at Bicycle Express and he said he saw us on the top of Mount Lofty on NYE as well. Him and his friend had the same nutty idea as us and rode up too. After chatting I realized he had been to Vancouver heaps of times and called it his second home, how cool is that? Anyways, after coming home we went to the shops where we bought more cereal and JORDANS GRANOLA (the best granola of life). Then I showered, ate cereal, and started reading Freelee's ebook, which is seriously beautiful and so comprehensive. Even though none of these concepts are new to me, I'm still really enjoying the read.

And after just taking an hour siesta just lounging on the couch with the guys, we got our lazy bums out of the house and to the park to meet some friends. I basically jsut layed in the sun and soaked up some vitamin D. Then we went into the city to grab some Boost juice before heading back home for an early dinner of the same as usual. Rice, broccoli and a whole lotta sriracha and sweet chilli sauce. Then for dessert we had JORDANS granola (the best fucking granola eheh) with nutrigrains, tahini, peaches, and soy milk.

LIFE IS GOOD. Then the most wonderful thing occured. Our host at the Air bnb place asked us if we wanted to use his piano and of course we EAGERLY said YES! I listened to Griff play the most beautiful melancholy music for about an hour, then for the last ten minutes I practiced what he had taught me, and man it was so much fun. I just can't wait to learn how to play well and be able to make music again!