DAY 113

So today was a hectic day. It started relatively relaxed, for the first time in ages, we all slept in and woke up without an alarm. Since we were watching todays TDU stage from Corkscrew which is super close to us, we didn't have to meet until 11. So I slept in till 10 and woke up refreshed as fuck. But somehow we still managed to be late, and ended up meeting everyone around 11:15 but they all waited for us ahah, so it's all good. Then since I'm planning on doing a 200 km ride tomorrow, I tried to just take today REALLY EASY! I rode up Nortons with Alex and we discussed the magic and beauty of music. Then after chilling at the tap, we continued on to Corkscrew. Most of the group took off to rush to the road and find a good spot to watch the pros past, but I was just so done with constantly rushing around ahah, so Biggi and I just rode there slow and easy while singing Tina Turner and chatting with Shannon and Ant. I also somehow got to talking about how incredible my mom was, and how she made our childhood so much fun despite having no money. She would make up games and adventures out of the most mundane things. And just talking about her made me realize how much I missed her and my family. I might have to go back to Canada in the summer to see them... we'll see. So when we reached Corkscrew road there was a crazy amount of spectators there. Loads of cyclists, but also a ton of people that just drove and brought picnic chairs to sit and watch.

It was such a boisterous atmosphere and just such an energetic vibe. We ended up staying there for about 2 hours just all chilling together and chatting in the shade waiting for the pros to pass. Besides just chatting to the vegan crew, I also found myself sitting beside these cyclists, so I just started talking to them as I do, and I found out that he was the creator of a cycling apparel company called Lumiere, and I honestly loved the kit! I'm definitley going to look into getting one of his kits. But my FAVORITE part of this entire day was Alex's music. So Alex is an incredible sax player, and he brought his bike trailer and filled it with his sax and a huge speaker.

So the entire time we were sitting there he was playing sick jazz music, and when the pros finally passed us, his sax playing just made everyone smile including the pros who were racing. You could see them coming around the hairpin climb, and catch sight of Alex in his banana suit playing his sax, and so many of them would crack a smile which just made the whole crowd start cheering like mad. It was seriously so cool to see the pros race by so close to us, and they didn't just flash by like usual since we were watching them while they were climbing so they were going a bit slower than usual. And after they all passed by, we slowly made our way down the hill.

The march back down reminded me of like a mass pilgrimage, there was just a swarm of cyclists that were all slowly making their way back the way we were. Then eventually we made it out of the hectic crowd, and I followed the guys back to their place so I could use their degreaser and clean my chain ring. I as usual, had no idea what I was doing so they helped me out heaps.

I started off doing it on my own, but Griff and Biggi eventually took over and saved my ass. They are truly so incredible, and I'm so thankful for all the little things they do for me. Then I raced home, where I quickly showered and got ready to go to the shops with Margaux and Bonny. At the shops I bought more cereal DUH, and this time I got the tastiest corn puffs called "gorilla munch" I also got some gels & bars for tomorrows ride, some nutrigrain, and greens. Then by the time we got back, Tim had cooked most of dinner, and we just helped finish it off. We ended up having a feast of rice, potaotes, pasta, avocado, corn, and steamed greens.

And I ate mine with heaps of sweet chilli and sriracha. YUM. After having two plates of dinner, I had a few bowls of cereal that Bonny made for me! It's so funny because the first night we were here, I made her a bowl of cereal, but now she's become a cereal expert and the student has become the master. She made me a bowl full of speical K (which is tasty af), nutrigrain, gorilla munch with tahini and sugar. I added some fruit, and ate a few bowls of it for dessert. YUM.

But I think my favorite part about tonight was the movie that we started to watch... a few days ago Bonny mentioned a song from Moulin Rouge, which I'd never seen. So we decided to watch it tonight. AND HOLY FUCK, I'm obsessed with it. It's seriously incredible, theres so much singing, dancing, and so much love. AH it just makes my heart all warm and fuzzy and I just couldn't stop smiling the entire movie. I'm fully obsessed with the soundtrack now too, like I'm listening to it right now. We only got through like half of it, and we're saving the rest of it for tomorrow night. SO SIKED!