DAY 115

Today was the best lazy day ever. So I slept in while everyone else went for a ride, and made myself a huge ass bowl of cereal with mango, banana, berries, tahini and sugar.

Then I listened to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack on repeat for like 2 hours until Bonny came home from her ride. And when she did, we spent the next few hours talking about life and love, and singing together eheh. Then at around 12 we went outside to meet Anton who was giving us and Shannon a ride to the Wilunga hill stage of the TDU. Today's stage was the second last one, but probably the most important one since tomorrows was just a crit around the city, and since everyone else was riding to the stage, we drove out to meet them. But in the 20 minutes before Anton got to our place, Bonny was teaching me the words to the "Elephant Love" medley in the Moulin Rouge. And I was seriously having the best time learning it, she knows the song so well and was so good at teaching it. She sang all the guy verses and taught me the girl verses. I learnt the jist of it pretty quickly, but because it's a medley there's just so many different melodies that it's hard to keep track of the lines and staying on tune. We sang the entire hour drive out to Wilunga Hill, and I'm pretty sure Anton was getting a little annoyed by our constant singing, but we were just having so much fun that it didn't really phase us. So after we got to Wilunga Hill, and found the rest of our gang, we all sat down to wait for the pros to pass. Then before we knew it, they were racing by us, and everyone there was just going nuts.

It was such a fun atmosphere to be in, and I loved being so close to all the action. Then by that time it was practically 3, so we all decided that we'd meet at Meesu for Shannon, Ant, and Angelo's going away dinner. Everyone who rode there, had about a 70 km ride back to the city, so they all set off, while Bonny, Shannon, Anton and I walked back to the car to drive back. On the way, we managed to convince the guys at the Bike Exchange tent to fish out 3 more of the rad gangsta hats they were handing out for us.


And after our drive home, Bonny and I made some rice and dahl for us to take to Meesu to eat while practicing our Moulin Rouge performance over and over again. Then when Margaux came home and showered, she drove us to meesu to meet the rest of the gang, and in the car we sang the song for her, and she LOVED it. She was so impressed and her reaction made us so happy and proud hehe. And it just made us want to sing it even more. At Meesu, me and Bonny ended up sharing some spare ribs, and taro rolls which were INCREDIBLE.

Then we also ended up performing our song for Biggi and shannon who both found it hilarious and entertaining. So also I jsut want to make it clear that neither me or Bonny are great singers, but we just love singing and don't mind putting ourselves out there and making a fool of ourselves. :)

I also had a pretty mind blowing conversation about the universe, souls, mind power, and life with Abdullah, Shan, Margaux and Bonny, which made my mind go crazy and start questioning everything in life. But during the middle of dinner, I got a phone call which brought some heavy news and dampened my spirits a bit, but somehow the second I walked into the restaurant Margaux and Bonny could tell that something was off. So they basically said there goodbyes and led me out of the restaurant right away, and asked me what was wrong straight away. They are such incredible perceptive friends and they just know me so well, and after talking it through with them, I felt heaps better and was back to singing and laughing. And after about 5 bowls of cereal for dessert, I was just about ready for bed when Biggi called me. He called to ask me if I was okay, because he somehow saw that I wasn't myself right before leaving and wanted to make sure that I was okay. He seriously is just too kind, and way too wonderful to me. But after talking a bit, he said he'd spend the day with me tomorrow since I'd be on my own while everyone else rode up Nortons. So now I'm excited to spend the morning being lazy and just hanging out with him tomorrow.