DAY 116

 so today was another lazy morning. I slept in while everyone else rode, then spent the morning singing moulin rouge and stretching/foam rolling my very tight and neglected leg muscles. Then Biggi came over and we just talked and ate cereal all morning until the girls and Tim came home from their ride. After they did, and got showered we all drove to the beach to get some Acai bowls from Bom Dia.

And since today was the last day of the Tour, we decided to go into the city to watch the finish, so we drove to the city and met up with the rest of our friends by the finish line to watch the end of the race. Then just to kill some time before going to Govindas, we all went to the Bakery on O'connell for some vegan choc donuts, and then off we went to Govindas fora $10 all you can eat buffet.

I had 4 plates of dinner at Govindas and then came home and ate 5 bowls of the yummiest cereal combo for dessert, and now I'm packing up my bags so we can check out tomorrow before ten. Man this week has been so much fun I just don't want it to end. I can't even imagine what it was like before I moved in with Bonny, Margaux and Tim. Everyday has just been so full of life and laughter and I don't know what I'm going to do without them. I'm going to miss Bonny and Tim's bickering, Margaux's hectic driving, and us always running late.