DAY 119

So today marks the 5th day of being a lazy bum and doing shit all all day, and you know what, even today I think my body still needed that rest, but I'm seriously so over this knee injury and extreme fatigue, I just want to get back into moving my body and pushing myself. So today I woke up at 9 and immediately decided the best course of action was to go straight back to bed. So I slept in until about 10, then woke up and got my day started. I finished organizing my room, talked to my landlords about my life, and they seemed to find it super intriguing ahah. Then I spent awhile answering emails, messaging friends that I havent in AGES, replying to youtube comments, and getting things that I never seem to make time for done. Then finally around 12:30 I left the house. First I went to the locksmith to get some keys for my place, then I went to buy a D-lock for my bike, and some groceries for lunch and dinner. I'm pretty stoked about the PB2 powder I bought, can't wait to enhance my cereal with that shit, ehhe. Then I met up with a few of the gang in the city at Vego & Lovin it. After they finished their burgers, Griff and I wanted to go to a music store in the city to see if we could play on their pianos. We went to the second level of Alan Billy Hyde's music store and they said to go for it. I practiced the song from Amelie that Griff taught me a few times, then spent the rest of the time just in a trance listening to Griff's incredible playing. I seriously think that standing there listening to him play the most beautiful melancholy music was the first time I felt understood these last few days, and the first time I felt just at peace. It was almost like, it didn't matter what was going on in my life, or whatever troubles I might think I have, if I can live in a world where beautiful music like that exists, then everything is going to be okay, and everything you have to endure to experience moments like that in life are worth it :) So after listening to Griff's playing I seriously just felt so much more calm and positive about everything. After that wonderful afternoon we went to the Central Markets to pick up some cheap produce, and so I could buy some sriracha and Biggi could buy some smoked tofu! And then I managed to find my way HOME without google maps, woah.... if you dont know me, and don't know that I'm directionally impaired, well... I'm directionally impaired, so getting home without technological assistance is a BIG DEAL, eheh.

Then I had dinner with my landlords, and they asked me heaps of questions about veganism, which really pushed the limits of my Chinese, and I ended up speaking lots of chinglish (chinese/english). But man I'm so excited to see how much my Chinese improves after 3 months of living with these lovely people. Then I spent the rest of the evening watching Game of Thrones, stretching, and eating cereal duh. I had 6 bowls of nutrigrain with all bran, and spooned heaps of PB2 powder in with coconut sugar, cinnamon, jam, and creamy coconut milk. It was a thick fatty delicious bowl of crunchy sweet cereal and I think my stomach is going to burst now haha. Off to bed I go.