DAY 120

Life hasn't been the easiest this last week, but what would life be if it was always smooth sailing? I'll answer that for you, it'd be boring as fuck and not challenging in any way. So as much as we all resent our struggles, they're beautiful and necessary in their own way. So let me give a little recap about my life this past week. I've injured my knee, and because of it haven't been able to cycle or really exercise for a week, and it's killing me. I also got a spider bite that's now gotten infected and so itchy I wake up in the night from scratching it. And I've also been dealing with some of my own dramas with friends and other aspects of my social life, and it's just really taken an emotional toll on me. All in all, it's just resulted in a huge tidal wave of stress and anxiety which has gotten me feeling not myself. I know that 99% of the time, I appear positive and happy, and that's because I genuinely am, but I want to always be transparent with my lows as well, because lets face it. Life deals shit hands once in awhile, and it's natural to feel melancholy from time to time, the key is to not sit in that melancholy feeling. So today was me standing up out of that puddle of BLEH, I was reminded by my mom that, these circumstances have already been determined, and no amount of moaning, or whining or stress is going to change that, but I do have control of my mindset towards those circumstances. So for example, I have decided to take my injury as a lesson, a lesson to not overtrain, to keep on top of my stretching, to make sure my bike fit is proper, and to integrate resting into my routine. All the drama in my social life has just shown me who my true friends are, and have brought me so much closer to them than I ever was before, and I couldn't be more thankful for that. So what did I ACTUALLY phsyically get up to today? Not a whole lot, most of the happenings of today occured in my mind, ahah, but basically I woke up and tried to go for a ride, but after 10 minutes I knew that carrying on would not be wise for me knee, so I turned back. Then I went to a veg cafe in the city to meet the owners and discuss the possibility of working for them, and you know what it was such an incredible meeting. The wife and husband who own the cafe are two of the most passionate, dedicated entrepreneurs I've ever encountered and after talking for ages, I'm truly so excited to join their team and work in their beautiful establishment. Then I went to the Target close by to pick up some odds and ends I needed for my place like towels, pots, cutting boards, knives etc... Then after getting home and having lunch, I walked to Foodland to pick up some more cereal (duh) , grapes, blueberries, rice malt syrup, tahini, soy milk, sweet chilli sauce, and iceberg lettuce, aka my staple foods. And while I was walking home, my mom called me and we had a 2 hour conversation about LIFE. I vented to her for about 30 minutes, then let her pour forth all the wisdom she had to offer, then we just chatted about my brothers, what was going on back home, my plans etc... She also said she's going to send me a little care package from home now that I have a stable address so I'm pretty stoked to see what she comes up with eheh. Then I made the same dinner as yesterday, but had a different cereal combo for dessert hehe. I had about 6 bowls of this magical combo: maple O's, all bran, corn puffs, nutrigrain, tahini, rice malt syrup, jam, grapes, blueberries, bananas, cinnamon and soy milk.

I know, I know, is there anything I didn't put in there? lol. But man it was way too tasty. Then my family friend who's an accupunturist came over to my place to give me some treatement on my knee to see if she could help. After an hour of needles, and painful massages, she left saying I needed at least a few more days of rest with NO biking! EEEK I swear not biking is so much more challenging for me than actually biking.

Also I forgot to mention, but last night Griff called me, and I swear to god it was the start of everything in my life turning for the better. He basically just made me smile and left my heart feeling light and happy again, I'm truly so grateful for his steadfast and beautfiul friendship.