Our alarm went off at 6:15, and Griff went out around 7 for a ride, but me and Biggi stayed sleeping and instead met up with the usual radelaide vegan cycling crew at the base of Nortons and rode up together. I guess since it's a weekend, everyone's free to ride, but man it was a HUGE group this morning I felt like I was in Thailand again! So like I mentioned in my last post, this week is all about recovering, so when the group started picking up the pace, I did too but only slightly, and it took a lot of restraint to not be tempted to try to catch them. Anyways we rode up to the top of Nortons, then just all sat down and chatted. I met so many new people today and it was so much fun being surrounded by so many vegan cyclists again! Then since we were starting to all cool down and get chilly, we decided to ride up to Lofty and maybe get a sweat on to warm ourselves up. Which ended up being a big mistake since it was way colder and windier up at Lofty, BUT it was worth it because we were able to see a Koala up close and personal in a tree by the road.

Anton spotted it, and soon enough we had all swarmed the tree and had our phones out taking photos and snapchatting haha. Then we continued on our easy ride up to Mount Lofty, where we ended up hanging for over an hour, just chatting and hanging out together. I think the only other person who was colder than me at the top of Lofty was Freelee, we were both shivering and trying to warm up doing squats. Then after descending down Greenhill road, we quickly ran to the shops to buy more, you guessed it... cereal.

And by the time we finally got home it was like 1pm. So we just spent the day sitting around and recovering. I booked my accomodation for after I leave the guys (which will be a sad sad day) and then called a friend and messaged my parents. And after an earlier dinner out in the summer evening, I went to bed early and rested up to catch up on my sleep.