DAY 122

Today was wonderful. I went to the markets with Nicole and Freelee, and we spent hours perusing the stalls buying heaps of fresh produce. Then we also roamed around an asian store and I showed them lots of my fav asian goodies. Freelee got some dumpling skins, and they both picked up some sweet potato noodles which my mom used to make for me all the time as a kid. I bought tons of fresh veggies like bok choy, cilantro, peppers, carrots and more... rice paper wraps, fresh fruit, & sweet potatoes. Then they got some food at the food court while I got some vegan steamed buns from a random place in Chinatown, and man they were incredible. Full of mushrooms, veggies and so much flavour. It was so fun just to spend the day with them, out and about. We also ran into quite a few people who recognized Freelee and even me, which was so cool to experience. It's always so wonderful to meet people in real life that follow me through social media because it reminds me that there are actually real live people behind those numbers on instagram, and it makes me believe that I am making a real difference whether I can see it or not. 

Then after getting home, I walked back to the Parade to hit up some more shops and finish off ticking the last boxes on my shopping list. I got some more grocery items like: sauerkraut, soy milky, gorilla puffs cereal, nutrigrain, frozen berries, avocado, hummus, pita bread, beans, and salsa. Then I also picked up a few odds and ends like laundry detergent, scissors, plates and bowls, cutlery, a garbage can for my room, and a tupperware container. Then I had to lug everything back to my place which was a 30 minute walk away. And I have to say by the time I got back, I was sweaty, hungry, dehydated, and needed to pee so badly. I always forget how SLOW and boring walking is compared to cycling, man I cant wait for my knee to recover just so I can start commuting with my bike again and stop moving at snails pace by foot. :P 

So the second I got home, I put some sweet potatoes in the oven, then made some delicious fresh rice paper rolls with the bok choy, veggies, and saurkraut that I bought. And I ate them with heaps of sweet chilli sauce. And I ate my baked sweet taters drowned in tahini, rice malt syrup, and cinnamon. Then my friend came over and brought two tubs of blueberry coconut yogurt which we ate with a few bowlfuls of cereal and PB2 powder while watching Amelie. Which, my friend Griff suggested we watch, and man was it amazing. It makes me love the piano music from the movie even more now that I've seen the actual movie.