DAY 123

Today was another incredible slow and lazy day. Slept in, read in bed for a few hours, then got ready for the vegan picnic in Adelaide. Nicole picked Freelee and I up, and we stopped off at Bakery on O'Connell to pick up some donuts and bread to bring to the picnic, then arrived fashionably late (like 2 hours late ahahh oops). I had way too much hummus and crackers at the picnic, and grazed on grapes and cashew cheese as well. But my favorite was probably Nicoles pasta salad or the banana muffins that someone baked! 

I also got to meet so many wonderful wonderful people and it was amazing just to sit in the sun and chat/connect with likeminded switched on individuals. It's something that I've taken for granted in the past, but I'm really starting to realize how incredible it actually is that this community where we can befriend and get to know people on such similar life paths exists. And how it is all for the most part facilitated by social media always reminds me how powerful of a tool it is for educating others and creating community. Man I just flipping love social media when it's utilized correctly for the right reasons.

There was a big group of girls around my age that I talked to for ages just about life, society's pressures, self awareness and more. They were all so sweet and such beautifully kind souls. Then I had a pretty incredible conversation with some of the vegan crew I've already become close friends with, about mindfulness, authenticity, wearing different masks around different people, the power of language and words, and I just loved every second of it. 

Then a few of us just sat on the grass talking about everything and anything, and watching Brendan's dog Promo chase Freelee around and hump Luke, ahahha it was hilarious. Then around 7 we finally left, and I came straight home and cooked up a huge pot of rice with steamed bok choy (WHICH IS MY NEW OBSESSION) which I ate with sauerkraut and sweet chilli sauce. And ended the night with 3 slices of tahini jam toast, and 5 bowls of cereal because talking really works up an appetite apparently :P