So we woke up at 6 this morning to meet Harley (our "tour" guide), and some other adelaide vegans for a hike in the Morialta falls to try and spot some wildlife. We rode to the meeting spot, then rode over to the hike together where we locked up all our bikes. Then we set off following Harley our guide into the trails. He took us on some crazy cool routes that were off the main path, and we saw some epic expansive views of the mountain ranges, we also managed to see a kangaroo and two koalas!

It was a pretty leisurely but beautiful hike with our friends, and it was the perfect way to start the day. Then we all rode over to an organic fruit shop where we picked up some juicy fruit, and after hanging out together chatting and snacking, we all parted ways.

After getting back home I honestly passed out and took a one hour nap. I was just beat, and felt so much more refreshed after the nap. I woke up to a text from my friend, so I called her, and tried to help her through a tough patch in her life. She is such a beautiful person and does not deserve to be going through what she is, so I just wanted her to feel my love and support for her.


Then around 2:30 we headed out to Rundle mall to meet Harley and Freelee who were going to maybe film some interviews. I brought my camera along because I was thinking of doing the same. When we arrived it turned out that they didn't actually have any filming in mind, so instead they all helped me brainstorm interview questions that were interesting and controversial enough to get a conversation going. Then we spent the next hour around the museum and University interviewing people on their opinions and perspectives on health and veganism, and man it was SO MUCH FUN!

I love interacting with the public, and sharing conversations with them about something I'm so passionate about. I'll definitely be doing more of these public interview type videos! Being around Freelee and Harley is definitely motivating me to be more active on my Youtube channel and to create more quality content! Then after chilling out with them some more, we headed back home to cook dinner. We had our usual dinner of rice broccoli, and sauce.

Then our dessert of bowls and bowls of cereal ( I had 4 tonight). Man tonight was our last supper together, tomorrow I move into a place in Magill and they move into their air bnb in Unley. I'm still gonna see them pretty much daily but I'll miss living with them and being around them all the time. I am just so grateful to have them as friends, and to everything in my life that has led me to this moment, here, right now. Because right now, while I'm listening to music, in Adelaide, around my two besties, I am just so inexplicably unapologetically HAPPY.