Today started as just a pretty standard day. I was exhausted when I woke up and knew I'd have a hectic day of moving, so instead of going on the morning ride I just slept until 9. Then I got up, packed, showered, and had breakfast. Around ten one of my family friends was kind enough to drive over to help me transport my bags to my new air bnb place while I rode my bike over. After I got to the air bnb place, met the host, and moved in, I layed down for a rest. The new place I'm staying at is pretty average. It's a nice enough room, and the host is quiet and polite, but the selling factor of it, is its location. It is like a 5 minute ride away from the base of the hills which is GREAT for me since I love sleeping in. So after getting settled, I spent the day editing, went out for lunch, and talked to my mom. Then around 2, I biked over to the place that Biggi, Griff, and Callum were staying at in Unley. I brought over some stuff that they left with me, then just chilled at their place for an hour, before finally deciding to get off my lazy bum to go to the bike shop. Now that I wasn't staying with the guys, I realized I now needed to be independant and pump up my own tires so I bought a floor pump. Then after biking home, I got picked up by LAIKEN (a girl I've been friends with on Instagram for ages) to have dinner at her place. We basically hit it off straight away, and we spent the car ride just chatting and getting to know each other properly.

Then once we got to her place we made trays and trays of sweet potatoes, rice, and ate it with a bag of bbq chips and shit tons of tahini and coconut sugar. Oh and I also brought my own sriracha to eat my rice with (duh). We ended up just eating and talking for HOURs about anything and everything and by the end of the night, I honestly felt like we were close friends. Man I am just so eternally grateful for social media for facilitiating experiences like this. For facilitating real genuine friendships. Like man, how lucky am I to be able to meet like minded wonderful people everywhere I go. I feel so blessed to have met Laiken and all the other incredible people in my life. Just so blessed and so fortunate, and oh so very grateful. And now it's 10 and i'm falling asleep typing this... good night world.