Alright, so I've been pretty slack with my training lately, so this morning when I woke up fresh as a daisy and of my own accord BEFORE my alarm, I decided I'd give myself just a little push today up the hills. Nicole, Freelee, Biggi, Anton, Callum, Griff and I went up Greenhill road today just to switch it up a bit from the usual Norton summit (my idea eheh), and it was such a fun route. Then after chilling up at the top with the crew, I came back down Nortons to my place to get showered up and to escape the mid day sun. The rest of the morning was spent stretching, editing, writing, and filming. Then around 4:30, I hit the road to meet up with about 20 other vegans from adelaide for Dinner at Meesu. Before going, all I'd heard was everyone raving about Meesu's homemade dumplings, so as someone who's had many dumplings in her life, I thought I'd be a good judge of their dumplings deliciousness. I feel as if being asian and trying my moms homemade dumplings from birth gives me some expertise in the dumpling field of knowledge. AND GUESS WHAT, MEESU DUMPLINGS WIPED THE FLOOR WITH EVERY OTHER DUMPLING I'VE EVER HAD.

They were just so epic and so amazing. The filling was so flavourful, and the dipping sauce was sweet and thick and amazing. I also got a claypot "chicken" curry, and a fried rice.

But I just loved being in that restaurant, the vibes and energy there were just out of this world. The entire place was Packed with us high carb vegans and it was just laughter, smiles, and eating everywhere you looked.

I also met two beautiful girls that I've been talking to on social media called Hazel and Jemma, and it was so wonderful to finally meet them in person. I actually went and sat with them, and we talked for ages just about our lives and dreams and struggles and goals and all that jazz. Then Harley also joined our conversation, and it just became one of those conversations that you look back on, and you can't really remember what was said but all you can remember is that it was hella inspiring, and left you feeling motivated and so excited. And that's how I felt after this evening. It was just a magical night of incredible dumplings, incredible people, and incredible conversations. Then I rode home with Freelee and Harley, ate 4 bowls of All bran cereal with half a packet of mint thins, jam, sugar, and soy milk, and now I have a slight sugar high, but I am ready for bed.