Another rad day in Radelaide. So a bunch of us met the base of Mount Lofty to run up it this morning. I started off for the first few minutes just fast walking, then Harley passed me jogging so I decided to try to keep up with him. After he saw that I was staying with him and Eddy, he sort of slowed down and started pacing us. Man I haven't pushed myself this hard in ages. After about ten minutes my lungs were BURNING, and everything was hurting. Eddy dropped off after about 20 minutes, and I was so tempted to stop and walk as well, but Harley just kept me motivated and I just tried to empty my mind, and keep my feet moving. After what seemed like a century, I was in so much pain, and felt so gross, I swear I was going to throw up, but once again, the only reason I kept going was because Harley was in front of me, pacing me and I honestly didn't want to let him down. So I just tried to tell myself to relax, and keep running. There were a few segments of the hike that were CRAZY steep, I felt like I was barely getting any further after each of my steps. When I finally saw the sign for 400m left, my spirits lifted, and I started to pick up the pace by the slightest little bit. But I soon realized, that this was going to end up being the longest 400m of my life. These were 400 m of steep incline, so it honestly seemed like it was 5 km ahah, but then, after another blessed few minutes Harley finally said: "last 20 seconds, push it." So after the longest 20 seconds of my life we finally go to the peak! I immediately started hyperventillating and thought I was gonna hurl, but after walking around and stretching my legs out, I felt amazing. It just felt so amazing to push myself. It was only about 32 minutes, but it was a fucking intense 32 minutes of my life. I ended up getting the 11th fastest female time up Lofty & my next goal is to get in the top 10. It felt incredible to push myself & feel my lungs crying out for oxygen, my stomach churning & to feel my whole being just screaming out in discomfort & yet ignoring that & pushing through. I definitely couldn't have done it without Harley's encouragement & legendary pacing skills. 


Then I came home, ate coco pops & met up with my friend Nathalie at Argoespresso for a long overdue catch up. SO story time: I met nathalie 7 yrs ago when she passed through Vancouver on her way to NY & stayed with us in our home! I was 12 then & remember being in awe at how kind & beautiful she was. She became a bit like the big sister I never had & I just loved her wild free spirit.Then about a yr ago my brother somehow stumbled across her on FB & we ended up adding each other after 6 yrs of no contact! Since then I realized that we were BOTH vegan & she realized that she'd been following me without realizing that I was the Steph behind @happyandhealthy96. And what are the chances that after all these yrs I just happen to now be in Adelaide, HER hometown, HOW COOL IS LIFE? And boy oh boy, there's something so incredible about her energy. I just feel as if her smile is something that comes straight from her heart which is filled with nothing but compassion & passion. 

After a few hrs of talking our hearts out we parted ways & I rode over to the guys house to help them prep for the potluck they hosted. By the time everyone got there we had an epic feast of curry, rice, pasta, ratatouille, hummus, pumpkin couscous, fries & divine banana bread. I feasted on 2 heaping plates, banana bread & a few bowls of cereal (because no day is complete without cereal for dessert).

But man what a crazy epic night of talking for hrs, chilling outside in the summer evening, eating delicious vegan food & enjoying the simple things in life. We talked about how Griff always tried to trick me because I'm so gullible, I taught them some chinese, we talked about Freelee's crazy dexterious feet, about Griff's polker skills, and so much more random hilarious shit. Then I rode home with Harley and Freelee, and now it's just past 11, and I'm going to bed with a full belly and a full heart.