I've been missing the longer multiple hour rides that we were doing heaps of in NZ, so I was super stoked when we decided to do a long ride up gorge road this morning.

We did about a 50 km loop, and along the way we snuck in a few crazy steep climbs, averaging like 10/15 % which probably wasn't the best idea since we're planning on doing a time trial tomorrow morning up Norton Summit. But I loved it, and had such a great time just riding my bike out in the sun with my pals. We took a few breaks on the ride where we just all sat down and talked, and those talks just made me realize how quickly I'm becoming comfortable and infatuated with these beautiful people. MAN I just love Adelaide. Anyways after I got home, I inhaled some cereal, showered, and met up with a family friend for lunch in Magill. Then I biked to the city to finally meet the beautiful Emily from Instagram!

I've followed her for ages and it was so wonderful to meet her, she is such a sweet soft soul, and we just talked and talked for hours at a cafe. Then I met up with the guys in the city and went to the bike store with them, then we stopped at Cherry Darlings which is an all vegan bakery.

The guys got some slices and ice cream, but I swear to honest goodness that I just was NOT craving or feeling like anything dense or rich like that. It's so crazy, I feel like just a few weeks ago I would have frothed over everything in that bakery, but I think I've just overdone all that junky foods. I just am starting to feel like simpler foods like cereal, rice, toast, veggies, fruits etc. I will never ever be strict or limiting with my diet, and I'll always listen to what I crave, and right now, I'm truly starting to crave simpler nourishing foods, which is pretty cool heeh. Anyways, after Cherry Darlings, we had a frustrating ride home, where traffic and cars were just not in our favour. Then I went over to the guy's place for dinner. And of course, we had a simple dinner of rice, broccoli, hummus, sweet chilli sauce, pasta, and bread. I also used some of the vegemite they had on my rice and toast and it was delicious!

But despite the yummy dinner, it was kind of a bad time for me. So you know that one friend who everyone has that's super trusting and gullible, well that's me. You tell me anything, and I'll pretty much take your word for it and believe you, and yes call it naive, yes call it stupid, but that's just me. I'm believing and trusting to a fault, and most of my friends know that about me, and accept that. But occasionally I'll come across people that exploit that quality and take a piss out of me for it by just tricking me and convincing me of things that aren't true. And usually they're funny and just done in a joking manner, but sometimes they can take it just one stop too far. And that's what happened tonight. A few of the guys were just basically tricking me over and over again about anything and everything, from fake peanut allergies to pretending to be locked out. After the 10th time, the joke lost its humour and it just honestly felt a little bit like bullying to me, and I was not a happy camper. They were just making me feel really stupid and harassed, all I can say is thank god for Biggi who kept me from losing my shit and breaking down. His quiet support kept me strong. But after awhile I really just could not take it anymore, so even though I was still hungry I decided to leave. And on my way home, some woman swerved into me on the road and called me a dumb bitch and basically scared the crap out of me, so you can imagine what that did to my already gloomy mood. So when I was about 5 minutes from my place, I decided to make a detour to the local Coles to buy some jordans granola, soymilk, and tahini, since all I had back home was weetbix. When I got there I realized I didn't have a lock with me so I wheeled my bike in, and asked in the most polite voice I could muster, if I could leave my bike inside and if they could watch it while I ran in to grab some granola. So after I got my groceries, I lined up to pay, but when I came out of the cue and rounded the corner I realized that MY BIKE WAS GONE. My brain was racing at this point, and I was basically just thinking: Fuck my life, I really did NOT need this right now. So I frantically ran to ask the lady if she was watching my bike and where it was, but before she could answer I was already gone just scanning the store some more, and that's when I saw, through the shop window outside, a guy in a fluroescent shirt and helmet. It was the outfit that Harley always wore. And when I could see him properly I realized he was laughing and had his phone out filming me. It turns out, him and Freelee were also going to Coles, and they saw and recognized my bike. So harley decided to pull a little prank on me, and also teach me a lesson about leaving my bike unlocked even if someone was "Watching" it. But man, as soon as I saw them and realized it wasn't stolen I started pissing myself laughing. This prank was just so unexpected and out of the blue that it was exactly what I needed to snap me out of my gloom. And my spirits instantly rose. I ended up chatting with them for a bit, then riding back home part of the way with them.

Then after eating 4 bowls of cereal and granola, calling my friend Bonny, and getting a heartwarming text from Biggi, I was back to my usual smiling self and ready for bed. Man tonight is the kind of night, that I'll look back on in a few weeks or even days, and just laugh about. Heck I'm already laughing about it and it's only been a few hours. :P