DAY 124

Day 124: So my day started with a lovely surprise, a few girls took me out for brunch unexpectedly and it was a wonderful and delicious start to my day. I also got a call from Bonny and chatted to her for ages just about life, travel plans, and planning how we can maximize the amount of time we can spend in the same city together ahah. Then I had a painful date with the foam roller that came in the mail today. And because the universe delivers what we manifest, I guess I had put out healing vibes, so yesterday I happened to meet a lovely family who's daughter Emily, watches my youtube channel. And after meeting them, I found out that her father was a chiropractor, so after chatting with them about my knee we arranged to meet today at his clinic. And man it was so flipping cool. He took a few x-rays for me of my pelvis and spine area, then we analyzed them together. He showed me that my posture was way off, and even though I thought I had stellar posture, apparently that wasn't true at all. He took a photo of me from the side, and drew a straight line down from my ears, and if my posture was aligned it should have touched my heels, but because I lean forward heaps it only reached around my toes. Then when we analyzed my x-rays we saw that the nerves around my L4 and L5 were being slightly pinched by my spine since I also have a tendancy to tilt my left hip bone forward which creates an imperfect spinal cord alighnment. All in all I now have a much larger appreciation for the importance of proper posture, and I just loved how tangible it was to have a visual representation of what was troubling me. Man I just love understanding and learning about my body and the way it works, just fascinates me to no end. Then I met my family friend back at my place, who did some more acupuncture on me.

So I feel all healed up now :) But actually my knee is seriously so much better, and my chiro even said I could bike tomorrow if I wanted to which is wonderful news! Then Emily and her mom drove over to pick me up to have dinner at their place, I mean how sweet is that? Dinner at their place was also just such a feast, I ate so much more than I thought possible simply because it was so tasty. Well for starters they made the yummiest gazpacho, then steamed up so many tasty greens like broccolini and bok choy which we ate with rice and SRIRACHA!

Then for dessert I had 4 huge slices of sourdough with shit loads of tahini, banana, maple syrup and coconut sugar. And then I followed up with a few more bowls of cereal with mango, banana, raspberries, and tahini.

DELISH! And man was it a hilarious evening, their son is just such a character and so genuinely enthusiastic, and it was just a joy to be in their home and sharing a meal with them.