DAY 133

Day 133:

Life is seriously the craziest adventure, and I am seriously the luckiest person alive. Well call it luck, call it whatever, but I just know that I’ve flirted with death and tempted fate more than my fair share, and I’ve always come out alive and better for it. Today was another day of me dancing intricately with the arms of death, and it was incredible.

So it started same as always, I woke up at 7 for my morning ride, met up with the crew, rode up nice and slow to Nortons, and then just sat around for over half an hour just chatting as we do. Then we went for a fun exploratory ride to find some fruit. We went own Cherryville, then up it, and found some plump deeply sweet blackberries. Next we rode down Montacute road to another small road, and we managed to forage heaps of uber sweet nectarine plums, and some more blackberries. Griff tried to go into an orchard and pick a few nectarines for us, but a farmer down the hill saw and shouted at us, ahha.

Then after we got back to the main road, found a fig tree, and had some figs, they all decided to go to Organically Grown to get some more fruit, but I really wanted to get home to get through all my errands so I was just planning on riding home, eating cereal, and then starting my tasks for the day. I had planned to spend the day doing: laundry, stretching, going to Chiro, getting my front derailleur fixed again since it was rubbing this morning, get groceries, edit some videos and replying to emails. So that’s what I was expecting my day to look like.

And as I was biking home I was just running through all the stuff I needed to do, and about 4 blocks from my place I came to an intersection. A white SUV was stopped at the yield sign, and when I saw that, I started to accelerate into the intersection, but the car hadn’t actually spotted me, so it started accelerating as well. When I saw the car coming towards me in my field of vision, I started slamming on my brakes and shouted “STOP, STOP” at the top of my lungs, but it was too late. I slammed head on into the left front door of the car, and my bike and body left a dent in the car. The impact threw me off my bike onto the asphalt where the right side of my body took all the impact, and then I knocked the back of my head against the tarmac. That impact made a HUGE crack in the back of my helmet, and man the timing of me buying my new helmet yesterday just blows my mind. I just can’t even imagine what my injuries would have been like if I had been wearing my old already cracked helmet. I have such a new appreciation for the importance of helmets… so guys, ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET, AND ONE THAT IS SAFE. Instead of a minor concussion which I had, I might have had much more sever head injury, and that would have been scary af.

So anyways, I remember just lying on the road, in fetal position screaming. My body was tingling all over, I just couldn’t think, I felt like there was a searing siren in my head, and I just felt frozen and immobile, like I couldn’t move or think, so instead I just screamed. The lady driving the car, ran out saying frantically: “OMG OMG I’m so sorry, are you alright, are you alright?” She called the ambulance, and a few witnesses who were on the sidewalk ran over to help too. I remember someone stroking me saying it’s okay, you’ll be okay. I also remember someone getting an umbrella to shade me from the sun, and a towel for me to lie my head on. Then I called Griff, and he said I was making no sense at the time because I was crying so much, but eventually they worked it out that I was in a crash and they all biked over.

By then the ambulance had arrived and I was already in the stretcher being checked over. After they calmed me down and got me to stop hyperventilating, they did a basic examination, and didn’t find any serious injuries. I was mostly just complaining of a tight chest, massive headache, and tingling arms and legs. But because of the tingling and headache they wanted to get me to hospital to be examined straight away. So off we went to the hospital, once there I had a chest X-ray done, and a more thorough examination, and the doctor concluded that I had a concussion, cleaned my grazes, and told me I’d be extremely sore, very bruised, and dreadfully tired the next few days. And she was absolutely spot on. But because my heart rate was pretty low, they wanted me to stay on for 4-5 hours to be monitored. So they wheeled me to a separate room where Griff and Biggi joined to keep me company. It was so good to see them and they told me that Harley had taken my bike with him to check it over and try to get a quote on it for the insurance.

Then they left to get some breakfast, and after some peaches and juice that the nurse brought me, I tried to take a nap, but the bruises were too tender and my head was still pounding which ended up keeping me from falling asleep. So instead I just lied there in shock still, thinking about how unexpected this turn of events was. It was around 2, and I had expected to be on my way to chiro right about now… but instead I was in Royal Adelaide hospital after being wiped out on my bike by a car…. Lol life is hilarious eh? Then around 3 my phone died, and I was so lost without it, because I needed to message my friend Shelby when I was discharged so she could pick me up, and because I was supposed to get a call from the police about the accident. So the nurse, who was also a cyclist and so so kind, made it her mission to try to find me an iphone cord. She looked everywhere, and even found a cord that ended up being broken, but regardless I so appreciated her effort. It’s little things like that, that make you feel so looked after, and cared for. She was truly one of the nicest nurses I’ve come across. She was also telling me about how she got hit by a car on her bike to and dragged like 30 m by it, and she also gave me some tips about how to deal with insurance claims because all of that mumbo jumbo is just like foreign territory to me. I have no clues about how to deal with all that official legal crap ahah.

Then because I was keen to contact the police to update them on some of the details of my crash, she brought me a portable phone, and I spent the next hour trying to find out my case report number and reach the constable on the scene, but with no luck. Eventually I traced down the police station the constable was from, and finally found some answers as to the contact information of the lady who hit me, and my case number and such. Then they told me to try to reach Allianz insurance, and to make a claim. I was pretty shocked by how much the onus was on me to take the initiative to make claims and update my case details, I think I’d always expected the police to make the effort to seek out details, and for the insurance company to contact me, but I guess that’s just how the world works when you’re just one of MANY. By this time I was getting discharged, and I also happened to get a call by my hospital bed. It ended up being Griff who told me that Shelby had called him after she couldn’t reach me, and told him that she was here! So I quickly packed up my few belongings, and as I was walking out ran into Shelby and Tess! They had to go to netball at 6, so they picked me up and dropped me off at Griffs place so I could sleep in his spare room that night. The doctors told me not to stay alone tonight, as they were still worried that something might happen so they wanted me to be observed.

Shelby also got me the sweetest gifts. She bought me the cutest stuffed little piggy, which I named “tahinini” lol, a beautiful yin and yang necklace, and a loving earth chocolate bar which tasted like lemon cheesecake. Her, and her family are seriously the best ever. Her mom also called me and sent me the most loving texts, and told me that I could stay over, and come for food whenever I felt like it. They just melt my heart and make me so happy. And after getting dropped off at Griffs, Biggi and Griff went to the shop to buy me some broccoli as well as order some pizza. And I just sat at their place and stuffed myself with cous cous and potatoes, because I was just so damn hungry. All I’d eaten that day was some figs, plums, and blackberries from the ride, as well as the peaches and juice at the hospital, so boy did I scarf that food down quickly. I didn’t even bother heating it up. Then I made some rice, and broccoli, and ate that with chilli sauce. Had some of their pizza, ate the chocolate that Shelby bought me, then later a few bowls of weetbix and nutrigrain for dessert.


And later around 7:30 Shelby and Tess came back from Netball to drive me to my place so I could pick up a few things for staying overnight at the guys place. After driving back, we all went in and had some cereal together, and Shelby just couldn’t get over how tasty nutrigrain was ahah, I loved that she loves it as much as me. We just all had the best time chilling in that kitchen chatting and eating cereal together, those 4 people in that room with me are some of my favorite people in the world, and if anything this accident has shown me how beautiful they are, and has made me appreciate them even more than I already did. And how crazy is it that I really only became friends with Biggi and Griff less than 3 months ago, and that I’ve only hung out with Shelby 3 times. Yet I feel like I’ve known them all my entire life. Then we walked Tess and Shelby out, and admired the beautiful cotton candy skies together.

After that, I had some more weetbix while calling Allianz insurance. I eventually got on the phone with a lady called Carol, who explained that I’d have to have the driver who hit me call to make a claim since she was the one that was insured with them, and then check in with her afterwards. She was super nice but my favorite part of the conversation went like this.

Carol: So what state are you in?

Me: Um like mentally? I’d say pretty sane, um I mean stable? Like I feel psychologically fine.

Carol: ahahah no no, like where are you? Ahaha.

Me: OHHHH AHAHHA oops my bad, I’m in South Australia. Ahah I was so confused I was wondering why you’d be asking about my mental state. I’m from Canada and back home we call them Provinces, that’s why I got confused (I say with a huge grin on my face, and Griff who was beside me was laughing his head off too)

Carol: ahahha oh don’t worry I understand, I’m from the UK and we call them Shire’s there.

LOL that conversation made me laugh, and even now thinking about it makes me chuckle so I thought I’d share it.

Then after calling them, I spent the rest of the night just listening to piano music with Griff, looking up cool female bike kits that are also fluro (to increase the chance of me being spotted by cars), and replying to messages from my friends. It’s incredible the amount of support and love I received both from people I knew and strangers who follow me. I really was overwhelmed and so grateful.

I mean at the end of the day, how many people can get hit by a car head on, on a bike and by able to walk away at the end of the day with a minor concussion, sore bones, bruises and grazes? My bones were all intact and my organs were all functioning, and I was alive and well, and still loving cereal and loving life. Hahah.

I feel so grateful for the new helmet that I bought, so grateful for my life, so grateful for my friends, and so grateful for all the life lessons I’m learning from this experience. Life truly does teach us mysterious things in mysterious ways.