DAY 134

day 134: I woke up in the morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck, oh wait I was hit by a car yesterday so I guess thats close enough... ahah. So I just felt so sore and bruised, and after getting out of bed, I finally got to calling the lady who hit me yesterday. She was so sweet and said that she had been worried about me all night hoping I was okay. After reassuring her, I asked her to call Allianz and to make a claim, and so after she did, I called the insurance company to find out what my next steps were. 

Joey then picked me up in his car and dropped me off at my place, everyone has been so kind offereing up their time to ferry me around town. So I went home, ate some nutritious fruits with oats, then made a video update for Youtube telling the tale of yesterdays events. Then Wendy, Jen's (my chiropractor) wife, picked me up to bring me to the practice for some much needed chiro. He adjusted me for a good 20 minutes, and after I felt much more aligned and much much better. 

Then I came home and just sat staring at my computer in a sort of coma, listening to an audiobook of Eragon my fav childhood book and just trying to relax. And after my family friend dropped off a heap of groceries, I made dinner, had cereal, then went to bed before 9 :)