DAY 135

 today I felt like half a human ahah, like someone who had woken up from a deep slumber, or like someone who had been hit by a truck. Well I guess a car is close enough ahah. So I woke up, ate bananas with tahini and coconut sugar, went back to bed, ate rice, then met up with Freelee and Harley who had fixed up my bike enough to be able to commute around. I rode into town literally at snails pace, and I was so skitterish. Everytime I car came close to me I freaked out, eeek. Then went to the giant store to get them to get a quote for the insurance company. And while they looked at my bike, I went to the apple store so that they could asses the internal damage that my phone took from the accident. When I collided with the car, my phone had been in my jersey pocket, and it's already been kind of dying really quickly this last month, but it's gotten a lot worse since the crash, so I'm going to claim my phone as damages for insurance as well. When I went back to the giant store I also bought another one of the same helmets that I got the day before my crash ahah, and the guy who sold it to me, Ben, just couldn't believe the timing of my helmet purchase either. Scary stuff to think about what I'd be like if I hadn't gotten my new helmet! So when they finished with my bike, they told me the bike was written off. They said the frame was compromised after taking such a hard impact, and so hopefully after all this insurance nonsense is over, I'll get the value of my bike, and be able to buy a new one! hehe. ALSO IF ANYONE KNOWS OF ANY CYCLING KITS THAT ARE FLURO AND RAD, LET ME KNOW! I deffinitley want to start wearing a kit that isn't black haah, I look too stealthy and I want to do everything I can to increase the chance of my visibility to cars :) Then Nicole picked me up on her way home from Unley because she passed by me anyways, but mostly because I was so pooped I didn't think I'd be able to ride home. Then I came home, called my mamma who honestly is taking this all very calmly and very well, made dinner, had cereal, watched a movie, then went to SLEEP.